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Like a few others, I am playing my dream set. A complete custom fitted set of pings, Hoofer bag and hat. Now I just need the talent
Last Monday I got a chance to play the Fort Benning GA Marshall and Patton courses. What a beautiful setting and course was in great condition after a few days of rain. The best part is as you address the ball and get ready to swing, you hear automatic weapons fire and mortar rounds going off. Its a GREAT excuse for a "miss hit"
Took a lesson yesterday after 16 years away from the game. Big bad slice hitter my whole life. Lessons from Matt Trimble at ASU Karstens Ping Learning Center, video analysis. Things I learned: 1. To break my wrist on the backswing. I was not doing that. 2. To roll my wrist (club head) open to close on the swing. My whole life(56 yo) I never knew this. 3. To make a divot in front of the ball. in the old days a divot was behind my ball and it was always something bad...
Only 6+% of us in the 51-60 bracket. I feel lonely 56 and getting back to it after 16 years of avoidance.
Cheddar ones!!!!
Ping G15 5-PW, Ping 17, 20 hybrids, Ping G15 10.5 Deg Draw Driver
VP of Sales and Marketing for a company that produces military products. Body., vehicle, aircraft, naval armor system and mine blast attenuating seating.
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