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I play graphite and will never go back. I am never sore after a round or practice session compared to when I play steel. For my slower swing speed it works great but I find that it makes little difference when you get to wedges since you rarely want to step on a wedge. You are looking for consistency and I think the extra weight of the steel helps me from over swinging a wedge.
Yes, for me the X hot 2 is a great driver. I also play the first RBZ and the Cally has less spin thus I can hit it straighter but it just will not go as far.
For me, the bounce is too high. I simply cannot flop, chip or pitch with my sand or lob. Sure, full out swings are great but delicate shots require a much different grind. Another thing is the grooves. I can really produce more/better spin with my Callaway wedge vs. the Ping G10 in my set. Just take a look after a shot and see how much ball residue you have on the club face. Grooves matter. For me the most versatile wedge has been the original Ping Eye 2 sand wedge at 58...
 Last I read (wral.com) the land has been sold. Herman is supposed to be one of the best (check him out on youtube) but I would not spend $150 /hour for kids lessons. Tim, the head pro at KP does clinics for kids 7-9 and the next one starts 8/9. It's 4 Saturdays 9-10am and I think it cost $60 total. Tim along with Hutch and Tatoo are really good with kids, that is the route I would take with an 8 year old.I'll be there bright and early tomorrow if you want to play.
Hi Joe, I'm David. If you are ever looking for someone to play either 9 or 18 let me know. I live near Knights Play and practice there just about every day.If you are thinking about lessons, Herman Williams (http://thesandtrap.com/t/72190/herman-williams-golf-good-or-not) now teaches at KP.Also if you have any interest in playing Crooked Creek you had better do it this summer. They are closing down later this year.
Herman teaches at my local course. I've chatted with him a couple of times and he seems like a great guy but he's not inexpensive. I usually pay $40 for a 45 min. lesson. Herman charges $75 for 30 min. with the first lesson being 1 hour for $150. Are his numbers out of line for quality instruction?
A small bucket at my course is about 45 balls. First couple of swings, no ball. Just want to see where the bottom of my swing arc is that day. All stock shots, I'm not very good at nor do I really care about shaping shots. I just want to make good, balanced swings. 58 deg wedge, gap wedge, 9, 7, 5h, 3h, driver, and a few bunker shots. If I'm hitting well, have time and balls left, I'll work back down the bag hitting the clubs I skipped. I may only hit one ball with each...
A few thoughts, 4 degrees is a lot. Is your wrist to floor somewhere around 38.25"? I just bought some used Pings 1 1/2 degrees too upright but I can play them without a problem. I would think that it playing irons that are too flat devastating and unmanageable.  Normally I would agree that lessons instead of clubs would be money well spent but you are not that close to standard specs. If I were you I would check Ebay and Craigslist. You just might find a decent set in...
Amazon 866-216-1072
I received my first kit fine before I posted about it but wouldn't you know that my second order came with just 1 grip (in a great big box). Well I called and complained and they sent me a replacement via UPS 2 day. Just received it and it's the full kit! Funny thing is they are going to pay for me to return the single grip. Seems like the freight would be more than just eating the cost of 1 grip.
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