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Assuming you are right handed and have a repeatable swing your miss to the left indicates either the lie angle is too upright or the shaft flex is too light. I inherited my Dad's clubs (G-10's) yellow dot (1 1/2 degree upright) and I consistently would draw/hook the ball with a shallow divot even when I thought I hit it fat. Obviously the heel was making first contact with the ground first and pulling the head around creating the pull to the left. I have been fit by 4 Ping...
I like bowling. I am not good at it nor do I play often. I never practice at it. However I can have a great time sucking at that sport while enjoying the company of friends and family. The same things could be said about baseball/softball, tennis, or just about any other sport, but then there is golf. I just despise playing bad golf. I have been playing for 35 years and I know what I am capable of so I refuse to accept poor performance. Therefore whenever my game is what...
You must not be looking too hard. First place I checked, pics and reviews. http://www.rockbottomgolf.com/cleveland-golf-cg-tour-stand-bag.html     Your thread though brings up something on my wishlist. I love the looks of staff bags. I have several including the 2012 Cleveland (beautiful bag) but they are very impractical in everyday use. I wish that all the major golf companies would make a stand/staff version. I hope Cleveland's idea catches on.
Does anyone know if the results of the consolation match go on the players record? May be a mental thing but I can go Eye 2-G10-G15-i20 , back and forth or in between without missing much. I have tried other brands (mostly GI) and not had the immediate success I've experienced with Ping. I would think that the ball change should have been postponed till Rory was more comfortable with his new sticks.
The bottom line is Love was betting on not losing instead of stepping on his opponents throat and winning. In baseball you don't bench your best pitcher in the middle of a no hitter. Sure, he might give up a hit or even a run in the 9th but you still get a win. While I realize that Phil wanted to get benched and needed rest, Keegan clearly said he would go all day. Why not put him with Tiger who was red hot on the back nines? Saturday easily could have been an 11-5...
The American loss may be embarrassing but this drunken European press conference is just pathetic. They can't pull together an articulate answer let alone thought.
The plus models are slightly bigger and have stronger lofts. You can go to Ping.com and click on classic irons to get the exact specs.
Don't rule out a split set, something like i20 L thru 7 iron and G20 6 thru 4 iron. If you are going with anything other than graphite I would get the cushin inserts in the new shafts. Then again there is nothing wrong with the G10's. I can score just as well (or bad) with them compared to my G15's or Eye 2's.  
Damn that seems like a really great price, wonder why they are so cheap. TGW has the same price with $7 shipping and zero tax. Plus the added benefit of not having to deal with Golfsmith!
If you want to try some different Pings you can meet me at the driving range at Knights Play in Apex this weekend. I can bring Eye 2's 1 degree flat stiff flex shaft, Eye 2+'s standard lie regular flex (copies), G10's 1.5 degrees upright soft regular shaft, G15's standard lie regular flex , G20's standard lie and regular flex. None of the above is available for sale, just to try out a few swings. The proshop there has several demo clubs as well. I do have some clubs for...
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