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Herman Williams now teaches at Knights Play in Apex. You can check out his videos on YouTube but be warned, he is not cheap.
Thanks but I was looking for an easy way to get it both on and back off intact.
I almost bought one today but I have yet to find out if it can be installed using an air compressor like Pure grips. Anyone ever blow one of these on?
When do golf stores EVER have good deals? Today I went to the grand opening of Golf Galaxy's new mega superstore near me and even after the so called discounts the prices were still higher than my clubs pro shop. The store was really awesome, 8 hitting bays and fitting stations plus 3 specialty rooms for fitting Ping, Callaway and Taylormade. Suprised Titleist was not represented but still a really cool place. I really have no clue how these places stay in business. I...
Shaft extensions lead tape Ping Eye Two BeCu lob wedge from 1987 Macgregor Response putter from 1986
Has anyone used an air compressor to install a Super Stroke putter grip?
"The issue I have is carrying clubs I don't use."   The issue I had was carrying clubs I didn't hit well. Last week I got tired of spending countless hours on the range trying to perfect my swing to hit the harder clubs. So I decided to only carry the clubs I have faith in and hit well with my current swing. I cut my 4 and 5 hybrids down to their respective iron lengths, dumped my 3 hybrid and added back my old 23 deg. 9 wood. Surprisingly my gaps don't suffer and...
I would look for an outdoor GRASS range that carries demo models. If you find one you love they just might offer you a great price on a lightly used demo driver. Some places will let you take the demo out to another course to try out. I bought my last 2 that way and now I'm contemplating the new Callaway X Hot 2.
Interesting weekend, Saturday COLD, wet and windy (this is August, right?) played with the newest PGA pro on staff. Nervous as could be on the first couple of holes but I finally settled down on the 4th. We got 10 in before the rain and 4 more before the greens were puddling from so much water. Shot 8 over and only 3 behind the pro. Sunday I played with the new grounds crew superintendent. What a mistake. Every shot I took (all bad) somewhere in the back of my mind I...
Has anyone checked EBay lately? I just watched a set of  BeCu 1 thru SW go for over $1800. Thinking of selling mine now.
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