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How much right wrist hinge would I have at the finish?
Looking at your P2. Shouldn't your hand be a little more in-ish and the club head inline or even outside your hands? Think its is just the perspective... :D
Been looking for Watsons story... (really short bits) http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE56G7E520090717 And here is Jack Nicklauss (very detailed) http://www.usatoday.com/news/health/...laus-hip_x.htm First turney after 12 weeks in 1999... http://www.golfbc.com/courses/gallag...f_academy/tips Here is says full swing after 4 months - like most of the other sources I found. After 2 months you could start with you short game, after 4 months with the full swing. Also...
Woah, thanks! That'll lighten up someone... Yes, it will be a total hip replacement. I searched the Internet high and low and found just incoherent bits and pieces. Guys beginning to play golf after six weeks (ha, ha) up to about six to eight months when feeling honestly well etc. Doctors seem to be very vague with timelines. Nearly nothing on how-to-swing-it. Thanks again!
Hi guys, anyone of you knows what it is like to play golf with a refurbished left hip joint first hand or from a closer friend? Will golf be the same? Does one have to re-learn the swing to relieve the front hip? Oh, not me - my dear uncle...
Just set your weight a little bit more forward then you are used to. When comfy, try more. Setting the weight simplyfies the drill and gives you a better feel for the impact position. Well, try flipping with Eriks set-up...Back from the range - know I am having fun. Hitting half and 3/4 shots with 30-40% solid contacts. Yes, will do that the whole week. Hope to get good shots up to 50-60%.
Been trying hard to do it. Now I really get the idea and feel of steep shoulders plus extension on the follow thru. But I still do not get the ground contact right - currently it is a mix of shots. Yeah, I know, lateral movement not tilting back. Your drill, Erik, helps a lot to concentrate on the wrists. Brain to body... Oh, do I have to get a green shirt to get the flying wedge drill right?
Never had a problem playing golf with glasses. OK, when beginning I wore the bottle bottom Bill G. variety, then when I silenced my head a bit I moved to... Nope, everything fine with chin down and specs here.
I do as Charlie, Rickie, Mikey and my swing doctors do. Gravity does the rest. So it is down for me.
Ohh, way too Rickie for his age :D
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