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@golfro I trust that it is accurate. To rephrase my question: Does it make sense to use the launch monitor with soft range balls? If so, what would be to best use for it? Is is safe working on launch angle and spin with the driver despite the range balls? No, I am not going to hit many regular balls at that range. @Harmonious I am not quite sure if it was 28 degr., but I am exactly not hitting down on the ball anyways. I know where the flaw is and I am working on...
Today I hit a couple of balls being monitored by a brand new TrackMan installation (above and infront of me). I hit a 8i and got the following Carry: 104m (114y) Roll: 114m (125y) Ball speed: 86mph Degr.: 28 (ooops, not sure) Spin: 4836rpmThe monitor displayed the flight of the ball. I hit their soft range balls - I have about 10 to 20% more carry with regular balls on the golf course (for irons). That thing has a range mode or you can play "18 holes in 18...
Do you really think they are up for S&T right now? If Foley admits that he is teaching S&T to Tiger, everything would go. It'll be interesting anyways - go for it, full tilt! :D
Try to have your front leg flexed a little longer. The earlier you straighten your legs, the less the hips will be able to turn.Had a look at your video. Simply compare yours to Charlie Wis - great legwork.
Hey, can't be that bad sporting a 10 handicap... Read that post about "the biggest secret" - sliding your hips forward?
When you are sliding your hip toward the target and your spine stays in the inclination to the ground the turn just happens. Can you post the video or a picture?
Thanks, Eric, got it. Been wondering about the video (picts) that Stretch posted, too. So far I thought that the right hinge/fold reduces at impact - will try to hold it all the way now. Moreover, I will run Andys videos exclusively now... :D
How much right wrist hinge would I have at the finish?
Looking at your P2. Shouldn't your hand be a little more in-ish and the club head inline or even outside your hands? Think its is just the perspective... :D
Been looking for Watsons story... (really short bits) http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE56G7E520090717 And here is Jack Nicklauss (very detailed) http://www.usatoday.com/news/health/...laus-hip_x.htm First turney after 12 weeks in 1999... http://www.golfbc.com/courses/gallag...f_academy/tips Here is says full swing after 4 months - like most of the other sources I found. After 2 months you could start with you short game, after 4 months with the full swing. Also...
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