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Well, that language thing again. Progress vs. patience. Patience like in be ready to "wait for the good things to come" when doing as you prescribe, work hard and systematic.     Being on golf distance-learning for 18 months was great, but in retrospect I did not fully understand what I have been told to do. That language thing again, plus the lack of knowledge at what to look and check when practicing. In-person training would have been better back then.   Next time I...
Call it trust and I am on your page, Erik. In order to follow suit (obey lika a monkey if you will), one needs to see results eventually. When will you publish a thread on patience?
  Got it - more extension and the curve gets right. Great video, thanks James (and Joseph Mayo)!
  I never ever curved the ball with the driver that much and that high - even with the range rocks. Am eager to hit the course trying it with real balls and see how far they go.   In order to have the ball curve less, I either open the club more (and get even higher balls) or move the ball a bit back again?
I began with Apex Edge irons from 2001 and still like them. The regular graphite shaft gets to be a little soft on my (balloning shots), distance is still OK.  I am currently messing around with different Apex blades for fun. If you mishit them, you loose much distance - bet you already figured that out, I guess. The Apex Edge from 2001 or 2006 are a good choice.    You could look at buying cheap single irons and try them (or look at the guys Hogan clubs at your...
Was out with the Apex 99 blades today - they were not that easy to hit. Played 12 over and a few bad iron shots added to that result. Am still figuring out the yardages, but if I hit it too slow or off center, I get 5 to 15 yards or more less distance. Well, the Apex 5 shafts dont help in that regard either. Still fun to play 15yo sticks.    Going with the 25yo Redlines Apex 4 shafts is even harder to do - they are a little less forgiving and have even lower lofts....
Thanks for the video, Mike.    James gave me the "right elbow to the navel" motto via evolvr a while ago. Been pondering it since - and trying to make it work since then. Problem is, I tend to hit ground behind the ball when trying it (like you show it at the beginning of the video).   When I look at Sergio at A6 (foreswing, shaft parallel to the ground), his elbow is at his side. Compare yourself at 6.05 with the practice moves earlier - your right elbow is...
My first irons were Apex Edge from 2001. Now I have four different Hogan sets. But I have to warn you: Do not look at Apex Blades!   They are so effing nice..., if you can hit em.
I do not like modern GI irons either...   When in doubt, just buy a used iron cheap from ebay and try it out. Hit it on the course and see, how you fare with it. The MX25 has a cavity back and positioned for handicaps around 20 and below. Try before you buy.   @Prodaytrader Conspiracy? Sure... Why dont you buy used stuff off ebay - no questions asked.
It depends on whether there still are collectors around, which are interested in brand new clubs.    As a Hogan irons fan I am watching ebay auctions for quite a while. New Hogan blades seldom sell for 750+ $, Euros or GBP, used ones dont over 350. A graphite shafted GI oriented club from the past should be even harder to sell than blades.
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