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Here we are again with data for the 6 iron from a TrackMan Range, hit about 10 each with heavy range balls at -2 degrees C (25 F). Distance is completely off, due to range balls, but Pro tells me that the spin should be close to the real values. Hit club no. 1 not that good in the beginning.   Club 1: Apex Redline (1988), steel stiff shaft Apex 4, 33,5 degrees Club 2: Apex Blade (1999), steel x stiff shaft Spalding Apex 5, 32,5 degrees Club 3: Apex 50th (2003),...
I begin to get confused now. Yesterday I read that mchepp hits it farther with the R1, now you loose 30 yards hitting the R11.   Why all the variance? Applying Eriks first post I would expect that you all hit them about the same distance.
It fits, I tried it. I used my standard Casio cam that I usually screw on my GorillaPod SLR. Same size.   If you make the trip to the cam store with your trolley, please, please get some photos of yours and your wheeled tripod - fun for everybody.      Regarding the swingshot: Nice idea, but I do not see one buying it for 299,- instead of a cam you can use for other things that comes with a playback screen...
Oh, great. Then I go buy a few more lessons, right? Will do. (BTW, Erik sells lessons, not clubs ...)   The other day I bought clubs from 1988, because I like the looks. Blades. Fun thing is, they fly the range rock-ball as far as my GI clubs from 2001. The 1988 stick has 3 degrees more loft and stiff shafts and worn grooves and are hard to hit blades. That made me go hmmm. Bought another set I really liked from 1999 for cheap. Am happy now. Really happy. Now I just...
Ha, another one: the clicgaer umbrella holder has the same screw-size that would fit in your cam. I just tried it screwing the umbrella holder into my cam. It works, but looks funny :D   So everybody owning a clicgear push trolley (and maybe loads of other trolleys owners, too), you already have a wheeled tripod with you. You just have to buy a double-sided screw and a cheapo tripod head.
Between navel and sternum is OK.   You can adjust the grip of the Clickgear to go a little higher (or lower) - pretty much perfect. Good for filming on the course.   Another solution (better for the range) is to buy a cheap cam tripod for the same price. Is is probably on the bulky side, but the cheap ones are light in weight. It is way easier to adjust and move around (down the line vs. caddy view). I always have to get a bar stool to make videos on the range -...
+1   Gorilla pod works. Do not buy the SLR version, the screwing is getting on my nerves. The smaller one has a quick cam on-/off plate. So you can fix the arm to the cart and leave them there when you take off the cam and watch the video.
Ha, another victim of an unearthed post. Well, well. But the mat-thing I wrote about is a nice solution - especially for your lawn and the peace with your SO.
Zeph, try buy different grass "carpets" from a company that sells artificial putting greens, like SouthWestGreens. The mat needs to be durable. Maybe they give you cut-offs for free...   Screw them onto a pice of wood, but put a cushion mat (polyurethane 5mm+) underneath it.The be solution would be a 90x90cm wood tile you would use for a terrace so you can stand on it, too. You can practice in your backyard or take a small-size mat-only assembly to the range.
Ha, the Aimpoint conspiracy. Below my experience and pointers to a lengthy thread.   The concept is really simple, but one needs a proper introduction and the charts or the app. Dont buy a new putter, go to an Aimpoint class.      
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