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I consider myself way post Faldo...   My arms at P4 look like the Strech pic - and he is not happy with it, too.
OK, got video. I am swinging too far back, the left arm is too low. Not new, but I thought I fixed it over the past weeks before moving to other things last week.    Fix: point the right thumb down the stance line at P3, to the right ear at A/P4 - feel-wise, that is. And let the flexing right arm do the lifting from P3 on. And a few things more on the down-swing.   Ah, I begin babbling to myself again. Well, I need a caddie with a cam shadowing me on the course....
:D   Been back to my evolvr lessons 18 months ago. I find that I understand things way better now. OK, the 6 months winter injury related break left a lot time to read up on things.   And yes, I have to put some work in on the right wrist action on the downswing. I still tend to forget that on the course.   Next time I try to quick fix the push "watching" the hands a little closer.
Grip should be OK - I will check next time.   My golf bible says "but of the club" could be a possible cause. I worked on elbows (closer together) lately, which made my results with the driver way better. The iron swing seems to suffered a bit from exaggerated moves for the driver.   So it is back to the range...
Hi all,   been hitting a lot of pushes today on the course - and a few push slices with the longer sticks.   What is the most likely fix for a push during a round for you?
Still using my set of 2001 Ben Hogan Apex Edge graphite shafted clubs   I finally bought one mint Apex 50 blade with a stiff steel shaft from 2004 a few weeks ago. It is really beautiful. Interestingly I have am able to hit it, too. That made appetite for more, so I bought a set of 1988 Apex Red Lines which should arrive every minute. 60 bucks for a good condition are worth a try, me thinks.   Yes, I am currently in love with the Ben Hogan brand. Since the name...
I have got a half tent, which works well. Mostly I am using a small mat since I am not keen to ruin my precious turf. Nope, I do not use the driver and anything 4 hybrid up with regular golf balls - too dangerous. Same goes for 9 iron and down. If I have to use em, I'll hit wiffer/air/foam balls into the net. Sometimes I hit air balls around the house using a wedge... Otherwise a net is nice to help working on details using a mirror or a digi cam - that is not always...
Would your answer be: get more turf?   If so, how much to make sense for your perspective?  
I found a picture that would represent the green I plan to build. My putting surface would be a bit longer (28 ft) and I would have up to 30 ft chipping distance to reach the beginning of the green.   Before I invite you over, I have to think about cup placements and ondulations.   (example of what my green could/should/would look like)
  Hmm. The longest putt would be 26 ft and chipping would be worthwhile, too.   Would you consider 7.5 x 28 feet plus 2 feet fringe at the small ends be too short? What would be the minimum length you'd recommend?  
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