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:D   Been back to my evolvr lessons 18 months ago. I find that I understand things way better now. OK, the 6 months winter injury related break left a lot time to read up on things.   And yes, I have to put some work in on the right wrist action on the downswing. I still tend to forget that on the course.   Next time I try to quick fix the push "watching" the hands a little closer.
Grip should be OK - I will check next time.   My golf bible says "but of the club" could be a possible cause. I worked on elbows (closer together) lately, which made my results with the driver way better. The iron swing seems to suffered a bit from exaggerated moves for the driver.   So it is back to the range...
Hi all,   been hitting a lot of pushes today on the course - and a few push slices with the longer sticks.   What is the most likely fix for a push during a round for you?
Still using my set of 2001 Ben Hogan Apex Edge graphite shafted clubs   I finally bought one mint Apex 50 blade with a stiff steel shaft from 2004 a few weeks ago. It is really beautiful. Interestingly I have am able to hit it, too. That made appetite for more, so I bought a set of 1988 Apex Red Lines which should arrive every minute. 60 bucks for a good condition are worth a try, me thinks.   Yes, I am currently in love with the Ben Hogan brand. Since the name...
I have got a half tent, which works well. Mostly I am using a small mat since I am not keen to ruin my precious turf. Nope, I do not use the driver and anything 4 hybrid up with regular golf balls - too dangerous. Same goes for 9 iron and down. If I have to use em, I'll hit wiffer/air/foam balls into the net. Sometimes I hit air balls around the house using a wedge... Otherwise a net is nice to help working on details using a mirror or a digi cam - that is not always...
Would your answer be: get more turf?   If so, how much to make sense for your perspective?  
I found a picture that would represent the green I plan to build. My putting surface would be a bit longer (28 ft) and I would have up to 30 ft chipping distance to reach the beginning of the green.   Before I invite you over, I have to think about cup placements and ondulations.   (example of what my green could/should/would look like)
  Hmm. The longest putt would be 26 ft and chipping would be worthwhile, too.   Would you consider 7.5 x 28 feet plus 2 feet fringe at the small ends be too short? What would be the minimum length you'd recommend?  
Yes, looks nice. My guess would be around 6k. Prices for artificial green run between $7 to $10 per ft. when having it installed.   A quick search shows that a compactor runs at $35 a day.
Hey guys, thanks for you opinions! Been pondering the matter for the last weeks, too.   Confession first: I've got the artificial SWG turf rolled up nicely on the backside of my house next to the bags with sand infill. It was a bargain - the equivalent of a indoor quality putting carpet. For the installation I am looking at further 50 bucks for gravel and sand, $20 for a weed blocking fabric, rental for a compactor, $30 for a few cups, a couple of nails, seaming...
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