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Yes, looks nice. My guess would be around 6k. Prices for artificial green run between $7 to $10 per ft. when having it installed.   A quick search shows that a compactor runs at $35 a day.
Hey guys, thanks for you opinions! Been pondering the matter for the last weeks, too.   Confession first: I've got the artificial SWG turf rolled up nicely on the backside of my house next to the bags with sand infill. It was a bargain - the equivalent of a indoor quality putting carpet. For the installation I am looking at further 50 bucks for gravel and sand, $20 for a weed blocking fabric, rental for a compactor, $30 for a few cups, a couple of nails, seaming...
Guys,   what would be the most striking argument to convince my significant other that we really, really need a 200 sq ft putting in green in a sunny premium part of the garden and not right behind the house in the shades?   Please help...   PS: I could hit balls from 25 yards did not make it through - same as "I could add a sand trap"
Actively unhinging the right wrist is a casting/flipping guarantee (releasing the club...).   Maintaining the flying wedge should do a better job.   I practice to hold the right wrist hinge. I want un-cocking, but not un-hinging. 
Regarding S&T look-up "controlling the low point". You essentially hit the ground in front of the ball -> hitting through the ball.
Hmm, long discussion. I like to add my experience.   Been working on my full swing for the last 14 months now. I really practiced putting about 5 or 6 times on a green. I spend about 15 times with wedges. Thats it. Rest is full swing. Began working on the long sticks at end of May.     Today I played 9 holes at 7 over. I hit way to many hooks with the long sticks and got into the rough many times (plus one bunker). I would regard todays long stick performance...
Ha, ha, Jeff - he seemed to be a nice guy on the forum. In a way I can understand him. Mind over matter. I think the older you get, the more you'll think that brains and experience speed up any learning process. After one year S&T I do now firmly believe that it is the other way round.   Why do kids learn that fast? They do not think much about a motion they are about to learn. They just look, copy, repeat,  look, copy, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat....
Link broke... Yes, great and powerful swing!     Bet the balls were OK, too.    
Have a look at the Trackman data of PGA pros regarding the angle of attack. What would yours be? Looking at pro swings, you'll find guys returning to the same and to a higher position.   How do you figure 165 mph ball speed?   Got access to a launch monitor? Then you should get the angle of attack, too. Guessing would be easier that way.
Had a quick think about Bradys sheets then. Well, I continued with ball striking first (full swing - hit fairways, then hit greens from a defined and workable distance). I think that the short game is important, but reaching those greens is currently a bigger priority for me. So far, it paid off. Staying out of trouble and putting the ball on the green from 100 yards makes life much friendlier.   I will turn to the short game when I have more time. The up-comming...
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