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Oh yea 31 putts today...not horrible but could have been better
Shot 82 Today with a couple of junk holes that I need to eliminate. A couple 3-putts including a 3-putt from 25ft for Eagle scoring par on the hole. Could have easily been another 80 or better. Was horrible off the tee only hitting 4/14 fairways and 5 GIR I think...havnt been practicing much but have been scoring fairly well...   82 from the back tees further lowered my handicap to 9.1...have to shoot 81s or better from the back tees to lower any further. Hopefully...
Yea I need to def stop doing that...I thought I was money after nailing the drive and I'm sitting 100 out into a par 4...the 2nd shot was just plain bad....and the 3rd was just plain bad luck as I hit the pin! Need to tighten up my game from 100 in and spend more time on the putting green as well. Hell while I'm at it I need to tighten up my tee game, iron game, etc....haha it never ends as we strive to improve constantly    
26 putts today....I had 10 on the front 9 holes...the first 8 holes were 1-putts
Oh yea 11 pars, 1 birdie, 1 tripple, 1 double, and 4 bogies...26 total putts a new best for me
So it was around 60 degrees and cloudy...bored on my day off so I decided to go play 9 with my raincheck from yesterday. Tee game was fairly decent iron play was poor to moderate based on my 3/18 GIR down alot from usual...only hit 3/14 fairways although I was knocking the piss outta the ball and my misses were generally within 10-15 ft of the fairway with rough that isnt very punishing. Blue Tees plays 6714 yards a Course rating of 71.3 and a Slope of 122.   I hit...
-8 Handicap -50% FIR -50% GIR -No higher than 32 putts in a round, via improving my lag putting along with draining those clutch 4-5 footers -Practice more -At least 1 birdie per round -Shoot 70s 1/3 rounds
Nice round...my first of the year was on the 3rd...shot 83 (par 72 71.3 course rating 122 slope) which is right at my handicap as well...would have been a good round if I hadnt had 2 tripple bogies and 1 double...gotta eliminate the big numbers if I want 70s for 2011...luckily I birdied # 2, 17, and 18 or my score wouldnt have been half decent. Wasnt much for me to talk about out there as I got paired with 3 Japanese guys haha.
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