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Slap Shot 2 starring Stephen Baldwin and Gary Busey. Yes, this direct-to-video sequel actually exists. Before you jump on netflix to check out this "all-star cast" I feel it's only fair to warn you: the pain during the 2 hours of your life lost viewing this nightmare will pale in comparison to the disturbing flashbacks you will have for years to come.
  History doesn't support these claims.  The top income tax bracket in the 1950's and most of the 1960's hovered near 90% and the stock market was booming.  Many people worked hard and got rich during this time.
  Are you kidding?  This is great stuff - and so informative!   I'm dying to hear about the playability of the 13 C- model vs the stock 13 C.
  The vast majority of the Americans expect nothing more than a fair shake.  As our government representatives become increasingly subservient to special interest groups and powerful corporations working class Americans see the deck being stacked more and more against them.
  The voters that would be influenced by endorsements from clowns like Trump and Perry effectively had their ballots cast before the Republican convention even ended.    The undecided independent voters will certainly value the opinion of a retired four-star general and former Secretary of State who has a history of rational decision making and resides near the center of the political spectrum.
  I don't know what your political leanings are nor do I care.  Why would anyone take you seriously when you equate a true patriot and civil servant's endorsement with that of an attention seeking blowhard?
  Just keep digging, eventually you'll hit bottom.
Quote:   As played out as this topic is, I find it amusing that in the midst of sound advice, opinion, and personal experience this retort always comes up.  The OP wants to know what the chances are of achieving his proposed goal so he can make an informed choice on whether to pursue it.  The reality is that it will require an immense sacrifice of time, money, and personal relationships to do the training required to even get to the point where attending a tryout for D1...
  There are many legal rights and protections provided to married couples that go far beyond simply "financial benefits".  And if you think gay marriage is the same thing as sleeping with animals then you are a bigot and a moron.
  Read the report.  The evidence is damning.  Only PSU students and alumni seem unable to understand and accept this.   I bleed Spartan green and white.  But if Tom Izzo did what JoePa did I'd be the first in line to rip his statue off campus (if Izzo had a statue).
New Posts  All Forums: