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Kind of a lose lose for him, he plays the big events with lots of competition and really strong fields and doesn't win,  and if he played in these shootouts like the Fall schedule and events like the Zurich and doesn't blow away the weaker fields then people would still say he was done. He plays courses he has a lot of great memories from and a lot of wins so always possible for him to pick up a few a year for the next couple years IF he stays healthy.  
Does replacing it with the same model count?    I switched over to the Nike Method 001 when it came out, and I don't foresee switching again but you never know.  I could however see me getting a new version of the same one just because over time no matter how careful you are they get scratched, dinged, etc... 
Played out at Boulder City Golf Course, first time, course is only 6600 from the tips so score should have been lower but things happen...Sloppy 79 with a double on a par 3 and also bogeys on 2 par 5's, only one birdie but overall guess I can't complain, I got to play and was my 22nd round of the year. Greens were really slick had 3, three putts also. But like I said what can you do.
I remember that, the PGA stop that is at TPC, right? That was the first time I remember them actively taking phones like that.  Now I see most courses and tournaments don't care about the phones. I guess as far as the people telling, what does it really matter, if they do it after the shot.  Its annoying but it doesn't bother me.  Some guys like Keegan Bradley actually encourage the Bobba Booeys (Howard Stern Show reference) when asked about it.
Honestly during a normal round probably don't use a lot of my bag but occasionally they are needed.  I mainly use my driver, 4 hybrid, 7i, 8i, PW, GW, SW and putter. If I am on point with my driver I usually have 160 yards or less into greens which is my 7i down to LW, occasionally may play a hybrid or 3W into a shorter par 5 if its reachable otherwise have gone PW PW before to leave good distances. If my driver is off then its usually a lot of hybrids into greens LOL......
I use the Nike RZN Black, prior to that was the Nike 20Xi Black, I switch sometimes to the platinum but I prefer the black the best and have the best numbers on the monitor with it vs any of the other balls and finally its a Nike, so for me if all other factors are equal the Nike wins for me. 
Always unless its closed or not available. If I am playing a scheduled round I try to warm up for 30-45/60 minutes, starting with some wedges work through the bag then chip a few more and then putt and then finish with playing the first couple holes in my mind on the range.  If I am going out for a fun or practice round I just hit a few to loosen up.
I would say three but could be more, but mainly PW if playing a bump and run from the fringe, 56 if playing a shot that requires a forced carry from a tight lie and 60 degree from the rough.
I don't have a problem with them making holes longer or play differently if it sets the course up. I like to see long par 3's once in a while.  The guys are so long any way that it doesn't matter. DJ hit a 253 yard 4i up hill at Augusta so pretty sure a 270-300yd par 3 is reachable.   I personally like it when the pro's struggle to make birdies and have to work for pars. Makes things really interesting vs a shout when they are just firing at pins on every shot like the...
Went to play Las Vegas Golf Club, one of the oldest if not the oldest course in town, was the course I basically learned to play on.  Its an old school muni but has some challenging spots. Shot 76 with a 36 on the front and 40 on the back.  One stupid double ruined my side and then going for broke on a par 5 thinking I could make it up with an eagle and walked off with par.  But still a good round and my 19th round of the season already so can't complain.
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