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Thanks pretzel, I think Iam gonna try a sketch yardage book at first and see how that works. Gonna take my phone and the GPS golf apps on it and get as close as I can on my yardage marks. If and when I see improvement in my score then I'll know to get in more depth on my notes and details. I am thinking the marking of the greens is really going to help me with telling me where I wanna land my ball. Thanks for all the tips guys. Got me excited to see if this will really...
I call B.S. on needing to be a pro to teach people. I have had lessons and have also have had the nice older guy at a range while talking to my buddy about my issues offer to help. He explained some things that really clicked with me and 3 hrs later I was leaving the range. I offered to pay the guy for his time and he turned it down, said he just enjoys helping. Point being, I learned more in those 3 hrs with a joe blow am, then I did in the 3 lessons I took with a so...
What are your guys suggestions on the best way to mark out some important yardages? Any other tips or ideas when making one? Thanks for all the help guys.
Yea, Thanks swede that was a good suggestion. Now I just gotta figure out the best to layout, make, and get a good reading in the yardage for the yardage book.
I have a smartphone and have tried countless apps. But none of them seem to work for a whole round. Seems like about half way through it doesn't work right. I have since gave up on apps,and nothing worse the relying on your phone and get to the course to find out its not charged enough to make through around.
Ok. I am really limited on places to purchase clubs in my area. Basically have dicks sporting goods or dunhams sports, most of the time there's a high school kid in there that doesn't even know the difference between an girls wedge or men's wedge (yes I asked just to see if he had any clue of golf) so getting any help is pretty much thrown out the window before I get there.
Thanks. That's kinda what I thought. I think I might go the yardage book way at first, because it would be really cheap besides my time. That and after every round I think to my self man I should of played this hole this way or that way and those are the notes I could add in there and remind myself on a regular basis to help me to. I've never used a range finder or laser to really know what they are like. Thanks for you're input.
How do you tell when buying say a 60 or 52 what the bounce is rated at?
At the point in my game where I think a yardage book might help me. The question I have is, should I spend the time to make me a yardage book for my home course or wait till I have the extra money for a range finder? Can you tell me some pros and cons for both. Yardage book I think is a little more handy cause I could add or change notes as needed. Range finder would just give me yardage and that's it. Thanks
Hopefully I can word this right with out it being to confussing. I have got alot of help here before so I thought I would try and see what some of you might suggest. The best way I can describe my issue is, on my down swing after making contact with the ball I start to pull my left elbow up and back. Looks like I am making a chicken wing..lol Looking for tips or drills to help me extend through my swing. I know I am losing some distance by my chicken wing.lol Hope that...
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