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The teams are made of each sibling, so we can't mix those up.  I'll look into the modified stable ford.
  We have a family tournament twice a year.  Each branch of the family fields a 2-person team.  Group A has won both events so far.  We have played straight scrambles.  The first two groups have been three strokes apart each event, but group C was 10 back at yesterday's event.  The team composition is:   Team A:  (Father\son team) Player 1:  Avid golfer. 12-14 handicap. Player 2:  Regular golfer.  15-20 handicap.   Team B:  (Husband\wife team) Player 1:  Avid...
I've only played Tiger Point and A.C. Read while there on vacation.  I played both a couple of times.  I didn't think Tiger Point wasn't anything special.  If you can get on base, I enjoyed playing A.C. Read.
I signed up.  Too bad I didn't see this earlier.  Shot my career best yesterday!   http://www.gamegolf.com/player/FoxMan
  I live in Alabama and my group has been talking about playing all the RTJ courses on the trail.  Are there any courses that you loved or hated?  We're planning out the trip now and want to make sure we hit the high points and skip any that aren't worth the trip.
  For a regular day,  I usually carry 2 sleeves of Zstars and have a collection of 3-6 older ones.  When playing a scramble, I carry at least a dozen.  I tend to donate quite a few balls with shots I would never take if we didn't already have a safe one.
This may be off base because I'm not sure of the exact details of caddie contracts.  My understanding is that the caddies are independent contractors that work for the player.  The problem with your analogy is that the caddies aren't employed by the tour as independent contractors.  So in this case, you have the PGA forcing someone they have no contractual relationship with to wear a uniform for the sole reason of profit to the PGA. Players aren't forced to wear tournament...
Correct, there are no fences or nets.  The road in question is normally not busy, but road construction has routed a lot more traffic that way.  I've only seen one other drive bad and long enough to get near the road.
  While playing a couple of weeks ago, my group hit a situation that we didn't know how to play according to the rules.  The hole in question is bordered on the left by a road that is OB.  I pulled my drive left and it was sitting in bounds right at the edge of the road.  To hit my shot I needed to stand in the road.  The speed limit on the road is 40 mph and it was a busy Saturday morning.  I took a drop to keep from getting hit by a car.  I understand you don't get...
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