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I bought the Thule Sonic last year to carry clubs on a trip.  I've used it for three trips since and it has worked great.  I can easily fit two sets (in cart bags) and assorted other golf items no problem.  There is no way 2 pull carts would fit in the small Sonic model that I have though.
Regatta Bay: Very nice course.  Fun to play and pretty narrow.  Don't know if I think it's worth the early morning rates ($145).Indian Bayou:  Fun layout and pretty well maintained for the cost.Holiday (PCB):  Greens were great and the course was cheap.  Forgettable layout.Eglin (Eagle Course): Can't slam it for the price (<$40).  This layout has plenty of unrealized potential. The condition was pretty much like any other military or municipal course.If I went back this...
If you want to see the growth of the rules, check out http://www.ruleshistory.com/rules1899.html.  You can go back and look at 18th and 19th century rules too.
You don't have to run a professional tournament using the same rules.  Using football as an example, the NFL has a different rule book than the NCAA or NFHS.
As iacas already pointed out, pages 11-17 are the Quick guide to the rules of golf.  I have a hard time believing anyone caring enough about the game to look at the rules wouldn't know what a club or ball were, but that could be easily fixed by adding two definitions.  A water hazard and how to address ending up in one is covered on page 16. As for the rest of the vitrol, I'm sorry I offended your sensibilities by attacking the holy rules of golf by answering the original...
I have to disagree.  If the rulebook stopped after the definitions, I would be in complete agreement.  For me, the "fleshing out" of the rules (36-117) turn a gentlemanly set of principles into a law book detailing every possible scenario.  I would wager that lawyer(s) were heavily involved in the writing.  There's even a subsection titled "The facts of the case".   I suppose my fix would be to cut the book off after page 35.
I am one of the 15.  I'm familiar with the rules and have a rule book to reference.  Everyone I play with admitted being overwhelmed when they first started playing strictly by the rules. The USGA rule book is 210 pages and then there's a decisions book! I don't know how I would approach condensing the rules and haven't really thought about it.  That wasn't the question.  The first recorded rules of golf numbered a whopping 13 and would easily fit on a single sheet of paper.
Congrats guys!
Will do.  I love a good Japanese steakhouse!
I was more curious as to how many rounds are used.  I think it's probably up to the last 20.
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