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If you want to see the growth of the rules, check out http://www.ruleshistory.com/rules1899.html.  You can go back and look at 18th and 19th century rules too.
You don't have to run a professional tournament using the same rules.  Using football as an example, the NFL has a different rule book than the NCAA or NFHS.
As iacas already pointed out, pages 11-17 are the Quick guide to the rules of golf.  I have a hard time believing anyone caring enough about the game to look at the rules wouldn't know what a club or ball were, but that could be easily fixed by adding two definitions.  A water hazard and how to address ending up in one is covered on page 16. As for the rest of the vitrol, I'm sorry I offended your sensibilities by attacking the holy rules of golf by answering the original...
I have to disagree.  If the rulebook stopped after the definitions, I would be in complete agreement.  For me, the "fleshing out" of the rules (36-117) turn a gentlemanly set of principles into a law book detailing every possible scenario.  I would wager that lawyer(s) were heavily involved in the writing.  There's even a subsection titled "The facts of the case".   I suppose my fix would be to cut the book off after page 35.
I am one of the 15.  I'm familiar with the rules and have a rule book to reference.  Everyone I play with admitted being overwhelmed when they first started playing strictly by the rules. The USGA rule book is 210 pages and then there's a decisions book! I don't know how I would approach condensing the rules and haven't really thought about it.  That wasn't the question.  The first recorded rules of golf numbered a whopping 13 and would easily fit on a single sheet of paper.
Congrats guys!
Will do.  I love a good Japanese steakhouse!
I was more curious as to how many rounds are used.  I think it's probably up to the last 20.
Does anyone know how many rounds are actually used for the GG handicap?
  The family is headed to Destin at the end of next month.  I have 6 mornings to play.  The courses I've put on the list so far are:   Indian Bayou The Links (Sandestin) Regatta Bay Emerald Bay The Raven (Sandestin) Baytowne (Sandestin) Burnt Pine (Sandestin) Shalimar Pointe Eglin AFB Windswept Dunes  (Is it worth the 45 minute drive each way?)   Any recommendations or feedback from recent play would be greatly appreciated.
New Posts  All Forums: