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Theres nothing worse than going out to buy a new leather glove, and then after one round it gets really crusty and doesn't have the same feel. Anyone know how to fix this? It's starting to really piss me off.
Hey guys. Please tell me what you think. Also, does it seem like I drop my head a little too much? http://tinypic.com/player.php?v=2d8kuvs&s=4
What do you mean by when you say "Swinging the arms too far out against the ball?" Here is my swing everyone... View My Video
Hey guys. Any idea why a lot of my shots are off the hosel?
Hey guys. I think we all know theres a million different ways to hold your scotty cameron or odyssey while trying to hole a 15 foot putt. What do you feel is best and why? I prefer the traditional grip, being the left hand's index finger down the fingers of the bottom right hand.
Yeah. Youre probably right. I think I just reallly need to focus on the status of my left wrist. And by the way gspjeb, nice putter you got there. I love mine. Even though I pull it. :p
Today at the driving range I was having a really tough time of taking a divot. I was still making okay contact when I picked it clean, but I still had a tendency to really thin the ball. It's bizarre because even when I try to hit down on the ball 50% of the time, still no divot. I'm positive that my problem is not that I am flicking my wrists at impact either. Any ideas? Drills? Thanks.
Hey guys. I was at the range all day and I noticed that I was having a really hard time keeping my clubface square all through the ball. I tend to close it naturally in my backswing. I changed my grip to having my left index finger down and over my right hand's fingers. (traditional grip) Any ideas why this may be happening to me? Thanks for any input.
Sometimes I feel as though I use my right arm only in my swing. I'm a right handed golfer. Shouldnt I be using more left arm than right arm or 50/50?
Hello there everyone. I just wanted to know everyones opinions on these balls. I know the B330 RXS has more spin and whatnot. I really just woul like to know the personal preferences and why?
New Posts  All Forums: