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We pay $139/month for an "associate" membership at our club. That gets us full access to the pool, tennis court, clubhouse, etc. Greens fees are $8 on weekdays and $10 on weekends. Cart fees are $9 for 9 holes and $16 for 18 holes (though I never take a cart). Our initiation fee was only $100 (normally $500) due to a promotion they were running. For $229/month I wouldn't have to pay greens fees but I'd need to average about 10 rounds of golf a month over the course of the...
That jumped out at me right away. He's 100% trying to scam you.After filing the paypal complaint I would likely respond back to his email calling his bull$*** excuse out.
Holy crap, those are hideous.
I'm a big fan of Ogio bags so I would probably lean that way. It also appears to be the lightest one. The Callaway is pretty nice but is a bit heavier.
I lost 3 and I didn't even play today.
Anyone own any Slazenger shorts? How's the comfort level on them?
Wonder if Muirfield would allow an outing? :)
Appreciate the tips! Anyone else?
Two great programs that I've done and would recommend to anyone are P90X and Insanity. You can do the workouts from home and they will absolutely kick your ass. They come with great nutrition plans as well.
As far as format goes, it will be a 4 man scramble.
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