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Colbert Hills in Manhattan, KS Par 3 #5.  This is the home course for the Kansas State Wildcats.  They put in purple sand (K-State color) in the paw print bunkers last year.    
Check out oobgolf.com.  You can use it for free or pay like 15 bucks for a year (that includes GPS and some other features).  It has everything you are looking for in one place.  You can enter scores online or download their app.  
Anything?  I don't mean to nag or anything.  If I need to get better quality video I can do that.  I forgot to bring my video camera with me that day so it is shot from a cell phone.   This was my first time recording my swing so I am not sure if I did it the correctly.  I do know I need to get a caddie view to add to it.    
Hi all,   I would like to hear some thoughts on my driver swing.  The first swing sliced about 10 yards off the fairway and the second ended up in the fairway, but still had a big left to right flight.  That is my typical ball flight.  I would like to get some consistency and minimize the left to right flight.  I don't mind hitting a fade, but would like to straighten it out a bit.   I have never taken a lesson, just pieced together my swing over the last two...
I think you have it mixed up.  I take it you meant to say, "smack it with the 9 and gentle with the 8."   You could use the 8 and choke down an inch or so.
My wife doesn't have a problem most of the time...  Sometimes she thinks I play too much, but I can usually tell if she needs me to stick around the house to help out with things.  I play with my brother so she sees it as bonding time.  We just got married last month so she knew what she was in for.  I am sure things will change when we have kids, but that is a few years away.   She did want to go with me last weekend (I was playing by myself).  She did doesn't play,...
  I have a Nike Dymo2 Str8 fit and was wondering if I could buy a machspeed head and put it on the shaft from the Dymo2.  TIA.
For me, the key is to NOT cup my left hand.  If I can keep it somewhat flat relative to my left arm at the top I can keep it under control.  If not, it is not good.
New Posts  All Forums: