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Found my old Bushnell Neo+ recently after it being packed away in the cupboard from moving house. As I have been more active golf wise lately I decided to fire it up. It still has my old course on it and I thought I'd put my new home course on there.   Had nothing but issues so far. First the Bushnell Sync software would not work. After a few hours research I found that it needed java 6.0. So now the app loads up, but in the main view window the pages will not load to...
Got the book monday, finished it today. I love reading sportsperson books, but this is only my 2nd golf book (the big miss - 1st). The only things that have helped my game so far are the knees buckling side to side rather than shooting out in front of you, and trying to keep the arms close to the chest.   His alignment section seems out of whack compared to modern standards, and if I suppinate my wrist like his I hook like a ####.   Overall a great read.   Looking...
Ok thanks. I did search and found this thread. Toe line it is.
Should it be aligned to your feet or the ball?
Anyone going to create the country club for the sandtrap like last year? Chucked in the disc a couple of weeks ago and I'd either been kicked out of the club, or it had closed.
My slice was fixed instantly with changing the grip. Try making your grip a little stronger until you get the desired shot.
How many rounds per tournament do you guys play in season mode
My uncle was a golf pro here in Australia, got me my first set at about 13 but I never played much. Wasn't until about 10 years later I played with some mates and realised what a fun game it can be. Hooked for life now.
A bug I found was when you try to fast forward the CPU ball flight it glitches and doesn't show it at all
Jamo I see your chipping is amazing looking at your stats. I tried playing some the country club tournaments but it says me or the club is ineligible to enter?
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