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 They're pretty common and mostly universal.
 We finally settled on a white Nike glove with teal trim... 
 I don't think that those types of courses are in the spirit of the thread - I think the OP is talking about cheaper courses or local municipal courses, as opposed to quality courses. Sure, there's a course around here called Firekeeper, designed by Notah Begay, that is comparable in terms of price to the course you're talking about. It's 7500+ yards from the tips, and rated 77.1/137. 
 I tend to agree with the latter parts of this post. TPC Sawgrass is rated 76.8/155 from the Championship tees. One of my local courses is rated 70.7/125. Aside from being flatter, most local greens will run much slower as well. I would assume that to mean that a professional could just shoot at the flag, as opposed to having to think about what portion of the green the ball needs to land on. There's also probably a lot less trouble around most local greens (bunkers are...
it's repetitive. i agree with the above - more useful statistics should be integrated into broadcasts. the golf channel/nbc used to use aimpoint putting lines on greens. it'd be neat if they'd show that along with hole out percentages from the person putting vs the field. it seems like they've stopped using the aimpoint line altogether, which is unfortunate - it's difficult to get a good idea of the slope of a green on tv, and i thought it always added great perspective....
 About 75% of the NCAA revenue comes from television contract with CBS/Turner Broadcasting for the men's basketball tournament. A lot of that revenue is split up to all of the conferences involved in the tournament. I don't know for sure, but I think the venues during the tournament are bid on, and that the stadiums would collect at least some of the revenue from ticket sales. 
 you're right - the NCAA makes all its money off of ticket sales during the tournament.
Sorry I didn't get the ESPN bracket up      This Louisville/Saint Louis game is painful. 
 i tried playing LCP here in EK since the pros in SFL play LCP and since the OP said playing LCP could help lower my HCP, after i played my LCP round,  i had my playing partner sign my card, and he said i couldn't play LCP, and had to add penalties every time i did LCP.
New Posts  All Forums: