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There have been tons of deals lately on brand new Diablo Edge iron sets (usually 5 - PW) averaging $250 or so. I don't know if Callaway had been trying to offload inventory lately or what, but these keep showing up on the deal sites. In my opinion, you're probably not going to find a better set of sticks (especially brand new) in that price range, not by a long shot. Edit: In case anyone is thinking "put up or shutup" Here is one such deal:...
That's always been one of the critiques from yoga buffs about P90x. The yoga disc contains some moves that might take an average person more than a year to master, not something that someone new to yoga should attempt. The best advice is to not force your body to do more than it currently can. Go to your limit, no matter how puny it may feel. You will naturally progress further in time. Don't let the routine intimidate you into injury.
Turned out to be really close for me
I would love to see this. Too much good golf today, they need more time to sort it all out
Damn Tiger....so close. I think Tiger's just going to run out of holes. But what a Sunday story
holy hell...did I really choose Kaymer -11?  
What would you consider "vintage" Mizunos? MP32s, or 30s even? Something older?      
Personally, I can't wait until the day the golf world wakes up and kicks off all the simpletons and vagabonds wearing khakis and a polo shirt and thinking they are true gentleman. Only those who play in long sleeved collared, button down shirts with an appropriate neck piece, with a matching coat, jacket, or vest should be allowed onto any golf course. And I'm sure we can all agree that Wingtip Oxfords are a MINIMUM barrier to entry as well. Anyone with polo's or jeans...
At this point I think that JTJ is just having fun with the topic at best, trolling at worst. After the 2nd video, it's pretty obvious he's just messing around.  
Please explain how a guy dressed in jeans is disrespecting you.
New Posts  All Forums: