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I just saw a post round interview with A. Cabrera after his opening round 65 at the Shell Houston Open. He was asked a few questions on his round, in English, which he obviously understood clearly as there was no hesitation in his answers....in Spanish. His coach acted as interpreter for his answers, but sure wasn't needed to interpret the question for him. I just find it rude when he understands English to answer in Spanish. Maybe he didn't care to be interviewed and...
You guys are wusses. I use a 12 gauge to get plugged lies out of a bunker. Welcome to Texas :)
I had an experience like this a few years back. I was playing in a foursome and well within the normal pace of play. There was a twosome behind us that hit into us. We looked back at them and raised our arms as if to say "what's up with that?". No, there were not any obscene jestures. After the second time this happened, my group waited at the next tee for them, offering to have them play through. They said no, they were sorry for hitting into us and would slow down. ...
This thread hits home for me. I just had a lesson from my local PGA pro, just because I'd never had one and was interested in what I was actually doing.. Watching the video, he commented on my rounded back and generally poor posture. Although he said he'd like to see that change, my club position at full back swing was "perfect" (shaft was level with the ground and club face was correct), my swing path was "perfect", my head position never moved, and I was striking the...
I wonder how difficult it would be to create a list of members home towns/courses/HC for those who care to be on it?  You could always PM a perspective partner with a similar HC.  
    This ^^^^^^^^^   but it's all part of the look      Agreed.  He's a good player and deserves to be on tour, no doubt. But I think he's already counting the dollars he can make promoting himself, even without the win record.    
Dustin Johnson is who I'd like to see win. Bubba is my second pick.
  This makes the most sense to me.   Every student is an individual with different flaws and needs.  I have serious physical handicaps, so a "you must do it this way" instructor is worthless to me. I want an instructor who can work within MY abilities to achieve the goal of simple, basic good ball striking.
I'm going through the same thing. I was just fitted for new irons and the clubs are "perfect" for me, per my PGA pro.  The lie board doesn't lie, but I get 98* toe shots, especially with the longer irons. OK, this tells me that the problem is in my swing,  This morning I tried standing closer to the ball, to where the hossel was almost lined up with the ball.  SWEET SPOT!   EVERY TIME!   Like you said, it felt so good....or should I say I felt nothing in my hands, like...
I agree with Gerald. I just got the Burner 2.0 irons. I chose to go with the Vokey 56.11 I can lay it open to increase loft and bounce, or close it some to go the other way. I'm real happy with the choice as the 56.11 gives me many options of ways to use it.
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