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Nice to close with 3 birdies after that double. GG Tiger
2 weeks later and he's striping it. Hopefully can keep it together for the round/week
 Whaaaaaat? No, they don't. 
Lowest round of my life this weekend.   77 ( 37/40 )   Only 1 birdie - 210 yard par 3, 5 iron to 2 feet. A LOT of up and down pars.   Unexpected really because I haven't played much lately, and my previous round before this one was a grinding, messy 87.
Congrats to Spieth. I really wanted DJ to make that eagle putt, or at worst the birdie for a playoff today, but so be it!
What happened with Day?
Many are going to disagree with me on this, but majors don't feel like majors with Tiger missing from the weekend...maybe I should get used to it though
Yeah not a fan of this course. I like tree lined holes, and thick nasty rough.   This course, from a TV viewers perspective, looks like a goat track.
Holly has had more work done?
That topped 3 wood on the 18th by Tiger....I actually feel bad for the guy. His post round interview was sad to watch. I really hope he gets his game back soon. 
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