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Alfonso Power is -13 through 4.   Such golf, many skill  
Nice tee shot on the 9th jamo.
Hole 12 at Glen Eagles in Calgary. Par 3 183 yards   Blocked my tee shot right ( yellow lines ). Ball was about a foot above me and the green was sloping away from me. Used my 60 and popped it out to land on the fringe ( blue lines ) and it trickled perfectly down to the hole ( red line )     And sat on the edge of the cup.  
Time for an update.   Age: 27 Height: 5'11 Where are you from: New Zealand How Long have you been Playing: 4 seasons Best Score: 78. Par 72, 73 Rating 142 Slope Favorite club in the bag: 3 Wood Golf Books / DVD's that have helped you: N/A Where do you play: Calgary....Alberta wide Best courses you've played so far: Balfour Golf Course, Sirocco Golf Club Things you enjoy most about golf: Hanging with friends, beating PB's Goals for 2K14: Break 80 consistently
I would absolutely change if I had to hit a 4 iron instead of a 7 or 8. I would take 140-150 from the rough.
God that ending pissed me off.
They missed him for over 20 years - multiple 'check ins' too.
 Created to prevent - doesn't mean that they do it very well. Ask Mr. Madoff
I chose 170-180 from flat lie. 140-150 is either a hard 50* ( 140 ) or a PW ( 150 ), and 170-180- is either a hard 8 iron ( 170 ) or a 7 iron ( 180 ) - and I am fine hitting either of those irons.   I am sure if I had some historical stats of my swings - my chances are better from the 140 yard rough - but I don't mind hitting an 8 or a 7.   And my distance control is more consistent from the fairway - from the rough, it could be 10 yards short or long.
 I don't know if that exists.....or is even possible.
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