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Whoops Bubba
Phil and Bubba just got penalized 40-50 yards each for missing the 'correct' spot on the 1st green   This is awesome.
Some of the green surfaces look a little crappy. Don't know if it's the camera angle or what, and I didn't see a putt roll over the specific areas that did look crappy, but I hope they're not playing lumpy
There is a new game called Ark:Survival Evolved out on Steam right now. It's early Alpha, but it is the best Alpha I have ever played ( in terms of stability and features ). It is a resource hog so make sure you have a decent computer.   In a nutshell, it is a survival game in a land of dinosaurs ( as well as Sabretooths, mammoths etc ) with base building/crafting etc. You level up, learn new skills, develop new tools ( from wood burning torches all the way up to...
In my experience, Apple gear last just as long as any other ( if not longer ). Apples devices are full of components built by a manufacturer that also fill many other computers guts.   The length at which piece of tech last has not really changed, but the rate at which companies pump them out I think has certainly increased.
Wow...that is impressive. I am getting sick of all these people hating on Lebron because he gets the foul calls. Why hate on Lebron? He doesn't have the whistle.
 I think Steven Bowditch winning at all didn't make for exciting television 
 Just curious, what do you think Nike ( or any other brand ) would need to do to convince you? Or at this stage, do you think it's a lost cause? Again, I have never seen the negative onus on Nike's clubs until this thread ( probably my ignorance ). I believe they were the steadiest whilst others have declined in the past couple of years. This could be due to clothing and not clubs at all.
 Yes, these companies do have to deal with ignorance all the time. Of course it matters what it's based on. That's how having an opinion works.
 Based on what? Hopefully not by multiple reviews of the clubs, because the last 3 models Nike has delivered have been pretty damn good.
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