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 Well it seems the maintenance is out of your budget - so maybe a car instead?
Sell the truck?
 I think this is what I'm struggling with. My tempo and rhythm go down the sink and I struggle to find it again. See what happens this weekend!
Yes, without a doubt.
Nothing really. I'm out with friends - so were gonna talk, laugh and give each other shit.
Hi all,   The last 3 rounds, I have had great front nines ( 38, 39, 38 ). Hitting it solid tee to green.   Then I get on the back nine and it all goes to crap. ( 45, 45, 46 ). Putting has been consistently good ( may have saved me from the 50's in those back nines ).   I've been taking lessons - and they have helped a lot - no doubt about it. But I can not figure out why I feel like I lose my swing on the back nine. I get uncomfortable over the ball and lose any...
84 - 39/45   Great front nine - terrible back nine with two triple bogeys - bad bunker play/putting and a little but of bad luck   Lessons are certainly helping - my misses are narrower.   Need to book a putting lesson and work on my bunker play - losing 5-6 shots a round in these areas
Would love to see a close up of that sandy rough area on the fairway edges.   I'm picking Sergio
Playing in a tournament. First hole. I kinda thought I needed to fart, but swung anyway, and farted after impact quite loudly. Had only known the guys 10 minutes but we all laughed and carried on
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