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510 yard Par 5. Hit a good drive in the first cut. Had 220 in with a slight breeze at my back Pin on the right hand side in the back on a shelf. Hit a perfect high cutting 5 iron to 15 feet. Easy two putt birdie.   Best 5 iron I have hit on the course, ever.
Harden was awful. 12 turnovers...bouncing the ball off his feet....crazy.   Draymond Green on LeBron James is going to be entertaining!
GSW vs Cavs is going to be amazing.   It's so hard to pick.    ......Cavs in 6
Howard elbows more than anyone else in the NBA. Guy has a short fuse.    As for the game...crazy first quarter by the Rockets....so many 3's dropping.
I would not be comfortable with it, but I also wouldn't play at a course where someone would think a gun is necessary.
 I think you're confused as to what my opinion on this is.
 That angle especially, but in all the angles you could see it wasn't intentional. I don;t think he did it on purpose, but the technical he was given basically says the refs think he did it on purpose.
Kauri Cliffs, NZ   http://www.kauricliffs.com/  
Dellavedova's technical explained:   "We felt that he made contact with his head and shoulders into the knee area of Horford, so we ruled that a liveball physical taunt technical foul," referee Ken Mauer said to a pool reporter."   Basically calling it a deliberate move.    The whole 'above the shoulder' ruling is stupid in this case. If Horford gets a flagrant 2 for a deliberate elbow above the shoulders, and Del gets a technical for a deliberate move at the knees...
I never liked wearing sunglasses golfing - felt it messed with my depth perception, but I have Prizms in my Holbrooks now, and have no issues wearing them golfing. Amazing lenses
New Posts  All Forums: