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 I think this is what I'm struggling with. My tempo and rhythm go down the sink and I struggle to find it again. See what happens this weekend!
Yes, without a doubt.
Nothing really. I'm out with friends - so were gonna talk, laugh and give each other shit.
Hi all,   The last 3 rounds, I have had great front nines ( 38, 39, 38 ). Hitting it solid tee to green.   Then I get on the back nine and it all goes to crap. ( 45, 45, 46 ). Putting has been consistently good ( may have saved me from the 50's in those back nines ).   I've been taking lessons - and they have helped a lot - no doubt about it. But I can not figure out why I feel like I lose my swing on the back nine. I get uncomfortable over the ball and lose any...
84 - 39/45   Great front nine - terrible back nine with two triple bogeys - bad bunker play/putting and a little but of bad luck   Lessons are certainly helping - my misses are narrower.   Need to book a putting lesson and work on my bunker play - losing 5-6 shots a round in these areas
Would love to see a close up of that sandy rough area on the fairway edges.   I'm picking Sergio
Playing in a tournament. First hole. I kinda thought I needed to fart, but swung anyway, and farted after impact quite loudly. Had only known the guys 10 minutes but we all laughed and carried on
Thanks bud
Any advice appreciated.   Last Tuesday, went and shot a 98, constantly leaving it in the green side bunkers, or putting it over the green.   Went out Friday, same course, only hit one bunker and shot an 80. I hit the green side bunker on the second hole and made a 7 - again, three shots to get it on the green ( nowhere near the hole )   I need serious help on technique. Currently, I place the ball of front foot, open my stance - have club pointing at target, and...
Anyone know her distances?   It seems unreal an 11 year old girl can have the length to shoot a 68.....crazy   I've seen some really talented kids at the range that make me want to quit golf in shame.
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