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No wonder they score better than me- I never get those f*cking breaks. If that was my ball, it would be buried in a wild boars ass sitting in the thistles.
Top 5 telekinesis in the world
Patrick Reed into 12:   "BITE....BITE...GET DOWN"   *Ball lands in bunker short of green*   Back to Reed:   "Yeah, great f*cking call"
Completely ignorant, condescending bitch from CNN  
 I'm sure ( as a Canadian ) Weir apologized immediately to his caddie
John Senden is getting amongst it @ -3
 Correct. Wasn't clever for Reed to say it the first time, let alone all the others  
Like this: 
Watching Bubba on the 18th was the most infuriating thing ever. He needs to be slapped when he starts whining like that.
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