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Flagrant 2 on Horford was a bad call - then throwing in a technical on Dellevadova ( spelling? ) was even more stupid.   Nice triple double from James though. Especially after missing his first 10.
82. Was even through 7, then went double double and didn't really get anything going from there   Played with what was the best female golfer I've ever been paired with. She shot 79 and drove a green ( 287 yards ) - crazy good.
I would root for the Bulls if Noah wasn't on their team. Guy is a twat.   GSW looking so good.    I think a GSW/Cavs finals would be amazing. I'm hoping Kyrie gets back to full health ASAP.   I'm a Miami fan but GSW are my next favourite, so GO WARRIORS!
  Please use your personal diary to vent your hate for TW, rather than this public forum - because everyone is sick of seeing your ignorant posts. Dear Diary, Day 774 and I still don't like Tiger Woods. Mum made me clean my room today - I'm 48! How dare she! I guess it's only fair seeing as I still live at home.
The Apple watch is pretty awesome....but (this is all personal opinion) square/rectangle watches?  No. Just No.    Moto 360 is the best looking smart watch, hands down.    Would I ever own a smart watch? No. Not enough benefits.   
Back in late April, I played the worst round of golf since I began playing 5 years ago.   I shot 106 and shanked almost every shot....including 20 yard pitches. Not even joking. 106 shots, probably 70 shanks in there somewhere.   I took my lunch break, played another 18, and shot 83, on the same course.
Who the hell golfs without having at least 1 beer? Sounds awful. 
Spieth does it a little bit too - anyone else noticed that?
 What difference does that make? Church has nothing to do with a persons morals or character
83   No birdies, a couple doubles but nothing terribly awful.   Lost a good score due to bad putting. Making much better contact with irons than I have the last month or so. Back to the range this week for more iron work.
New Posts  All Forums: