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With all the first time "nobody's" winning, how do you find the PGA Tour this year?   Personally, I've found it a little lackluster. I'm sure many disagree, but it's missing big names doing anything on the weekends.
Well I had a tournament last weekend. First two days were fine, by the last day I was back to my steep swing ( hitting it fat ) and pulling everything left...couldnt figure it out on the course so gotta go back for another lesson and more range timer.
Open like this:  
So what does it mean when you hold them open ( like I do ). What feeling can a player use to get rid of this?
Great video - will watch that a few times I think.
Good work from Ko - her demeanor is amazing. That shot on 18 was legit.
Large Nike golf glove, grey Nike 32x32 dri fit pants, red nike polo, groove cleaner for clubs
Arnold Palmer is the one golfer I would like to meet the most. He's very honest and to the point - and when he talks about his fans and his appreciation for them, you know he is genuinely thankful for everything golf has given him.
 When both teams are all in their titans it gets pretty intense. The only thing I wish they would have added was the ability for the titans to jump
Anyone played Titanfall?   Been playing it on PC - it's A LOT of fun. It's a game where you can just jump right in and have fun.   Graphics are decent but not amazing ( running on 10 year old Steam engine ). But the gameplay is where it shines...running along walls, cloaking, jumping on top of enemy titans, melee with your won titan......It's on sale right ow, suggest you pick it up if you have a XBOX or PC   Here is the trailer      
New Posts  All Forums: