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 Those would be so nice to own......                                         ..................without the design on the back
Less forward shaft lean on driver swing as well as not smothering the ball with my body - so I can get some height on my drives
Guys - some good information on the man flu:  
 That's called a dildo
I wonder if metal bottles would work Ie. The Bud Light Platinums
 Agree - those are damn nice. The 'players' clubs Mizuno makes are always pretty eye pleasing
 Why? Is there any specific reason? Or just unwarranted entirely?
 I can't think of any other new iron lately that looks better...G30...SLDR...*quiver* I like the contrast on these...something different...but like I said, I'm a Nike *****.
Damn - those are nice. Wife is gonna be pissed when I bring these home.....I'm such a Nike *****.         Did anyone else notice the head covers on the woods on Jimmy Fallon?   Is this a hint at Vapor woods coming? Or just tying in the colours?
New Posts  All Forums: