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That was one of the BEST tournaments I have seen in years. Fowler was unreal. I can not imagine how good that feels; winning right after that survey...good job Rickie
It was 40 degrees F out ( 5 C ) with the 40MPH wind, so maybe around -2 or -3?
9 holes Friday...shot a scrambling 39   Played yesterday in 40MPH winds with temps below freezing and shot a 92....hardest round of golf I have ever played
That shot, plus his immediate reaction...vintage Tiger
F***ing hell - did you see that shot?
Birdie at 2nd for TW.....back on track
Hmmm he is 14 over on the 1st since 97' - nothing to panic about
3 putt bogey to start for Tiger 
I am super surprised Camilo is playing so well....
Tiger looks solid in Par 3 contest - for what it's worth
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