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 So, to conclude, take what parts of the bible you want?
 There are worse things said in the bible. But for many, the bible is considered the truth no matter how disgusting and shocking the subject or content, where my words are just an opinion.
  There is a big difference here. One promotes sexism, homophobia, slavery and prejudices One of them promotes bad habits    I think, to conclude - the person promoting does not bother me, the religion bothers me.The same way I hate cancer, but not people with cancer I feel bad for people with cancer, the same way I feel bad for people who believe in the bible.
Why does he have a TM wood? Seems odd to not carry a Titleist version
Not a fan
Down the sink with the school systems?
 Not english, kiwi.
 Always been a scratch then eh? 
 Being a man has nothing to do with crying or not. If I was Welsh, I'd probably cry at the state of my national rugby team.
He probably cries when he wins a game of scrabble - so no, it will never stop.   In all honesty, doesn't really bother me as I have no idea what it would feel like to win a tour event, let alone a major.
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