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My bad, how does it send the ball right?
http://www.golfdigest.com/blogs/the-loop/2014/08/fact-check-does-tiger-really-h.html Article showing Brandel is talking out his ass about Tiger's launch angles being a bad thing Also - Chamblee mentioned forward shaft lean sends the ball left - can someone explain how?
He made it
I'm only kidding bud....his beaver face after each shot is a little odd.
How can anyone not like Harrington? Oh, you're english 
This coverage is so good
What has happened to Johnny Miller? Haven't seen him in a while
To be fair, he wasn't far from stuffing it ( 2 feet left ) - just missed on the wrong side 
And Rory owns his mistakes. Doesn't blame anything else. And his sign of frustration is a small sigh, then gets on with it.
Bubba is a loser. No other way about it. A whiney loser.   Throws his club, makes caddie pick it up
New Posts  All Forums: