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I have learned to ignore Poulter's opinions/remarks.
Wow...guys I was kidding...please try and remain calm.   The whole point of my post was to show how dumb the population argument was.....
  There are countries that don't really count though  Russia, Lithuania, Estoria, Latvia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprs, Czech Republic, Georgia, Hungary, Iceland, Kazakhstan, Liechenstein, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Solvenia  Maybe some of those can 'count' but really.....
Population of countries represented by Europe ( 2014 Ryder Cup ) combined: 270 ( ish ) million   N.I - 1.8 Million Sweden - 9.5 Million Spain - 47 Million England - 53 Million Germany - 80 Million Denmark - 5 Million France - 66 Million Wales - 3 Million Scotland - 5 Million   Population of United States: 313 Million
Well that went about as expected...if anyone thought it would be any closer, they're delusional
Live Streaming here:   http://firstrowusa.eu/others/first-ryder-cup-row53b634  
Summer is over in Calgary.....probably 3 weeks left of golf here. You will never meet someone who hates winter as much as I do. I live in the wrong part of the world.
Only advice given to me at the range was when I had the shanks, the guy came and told me to 'turn my hands over at impact'   Being on the verge of an absolute mental meltdown because of my session of shanks, his poor advice could not have come at a worse time.   Many scenarios played over in my head, all of them including a shaft replacement on my 8 iron I was clutching
43/36 for a 79   Doubled the last hole too...hit a flier over the green into the pond
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