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Chrome, Windows 8.1 and Adblock - no issues here
AdBlock :)
65 yards LEFT from the fairway - that is just stupid bad.
Tiger's misses off the tee are always so bad
Working on tsn.ca with no issues
Jason Dufner always has a large dip  
 Agreed. I have nerve issues/spasms weekly. Some ruin me for 7+ days, some go away after a nights sleep.
 I wouldn't worry - Europe is going to wipe the floor with the U.S, regardless of what Bubba says or does.
Thanks guys! - will give both of these a go.   Don't have kettlebells but have dumbbells
Live my life as a christian. What does this mean exactly? Can someone define a christian life? He should have said 'live my life as how I want to live it' - because saying you want to live your life as a 'christian' either means as a good person or a bad person ( yes, christians can be bad people believe it or not ) - like any other person. It has no clarity to it what so ever.  Bubba seems to think claiming yourself as christian automatically makes you a good person. This...
New Posts  All Forums: