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I'm only kidding bud....his beaver face after each shot is a little odd.
How can anyone not like Harrington? Oh, you're english 
This coverage is so good
What has happened to Johnny Miller? Haven't seen him in a while
To be fair, he wasn't far from stuffing it ( 2 feet left ) - just missed on the wrong side 
And Rory owns his mistakes. Doesn't blame anything else. And his sign of frustration is a small sigh, then gets on with it.
Bubba is a loser. No other way about it. A whiney loser.   Throws his club, makes caddie pick it up
 So smooth
Rory and Martin chatting with each other. Bubba chatting with the voices in his head.
Hopefully he can get it it 9 or 10 under.   Really hope he goes on a tear over the next few years
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