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Played my first round with it.   10 of 13 fairways. I used it on all but one hole just because I wanted to see how it performed.   It's so much better it's not even funny. My three misses were roughly 10 feet off the fairway.   It;s higher, longer, straighter and feels amazing. Maybe it's the honeymoon phase but it was night and day
54. Beaten by my buddy who shot 53.
 That 2001 swing is so smooth
Wow.......so now we wait until he gets a new coach, then wait while he changes his swing with 'reps'. He should be comfortable with his new swing by end of 2015 right?........
Go Danny Lee!
NBA over NFL for me   Never been a fan of NFL as I grew up with Rugby. Too much stopping in NFL for me......no flow.
 Those would be so nice to own......                                         ..................without the design on the back
Less forward shaft lean on driver swing as well as not smothering the ball with my body - so I can get some height on my drives
Guys - some good information on the man flu:  
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