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Anyone know Tiger's driving stats for yesterday?   Interested to see how bad/good/average they really were
I was born with a receding hairline.....
Hi All,   Had come back from a tournament the weekend before, having not broke 90 - given that it is Albertas toughest course....even so I was still disappointed.   Went out with some friends and had a O.K front nine 43. Figured it would be another low-mid 80's round.   AT the turn something changed and I started striking the ball crisp and hitting it where I was aiming......putting got hot and everything fell into place for my first 36 over 9 holes. Missed a 3...
Wow....that's a lot of people.   Golf is really struggling. A few courses in Calgary are cancelling their Mens Open because there aren't enough players.   I have drastically cut back on golf this year. The only times I can play are weekends, and shelling out $100 per round is just ridiculous now. 
 No, the solution is for everyone to hurry up.
 Because its part of etiquette. If you're holding up the players behind you, let them through. Pretty simple really. If the guy is playing faster than you, it wont take him 15 minutes to play through....
Just got back from a tournament. 6 hours and 45 minutes to finish 18.   How do you play any sort of decent golf if it takes that long?
Ever since I started taking lessons, I have started to shank it more. Generally I am hitting it a lot better, but they pop in every now and then.   Yesterday had two beautiful shanks on the course - only happens with my wedges. I watched some swings in slow motion - and my hands drift away from my body about 2 inches at impact
Watching his driver swing will make me cringe
Another extremely exciting tournament
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