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"It doesn't matter what I do, it doesn't matter what I do man...****ing bullshit' - Blubbing Bubba   Boohoo - it's rain, everyone is dealing with it. 
McIlroy's putting has been so good.
Errgghhhh I hate rain delays   Now I have to actually do some work 
Did some of these squats last night. My legs were on fire. Used a 30lb dumbbell. 5 sets of 20 reps.   Legs were jelly afterwards...I like this exercise a lot
Rory with a great comeback.  4 birdies in a row
Kaymers putt fell in the right side of the cup - then Rory misses right side from the same place.....da fuq Rory?
Just shutup and putt Bubba. 
Not intentional either. He got away with it
All I hope is that Rory jabs at him on 10 to pull out his driver.
Herky-jerky like his rambling after every shot he hits.
New Posts  All Forums: