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Is Faldo 8 foot tall?
Hit the range again last night.   Working on my impact position still and SLIDING my hips instead of twisting immediately   I really worked with my driver. With my old swing, I would hit it extremely low. Now with my in to out path, sliding of my hips and a better impact position - the ball is flying really nice and high.   It will take a lot more work, as I am blocking a few right, but my ball flight is much nicer.   back to the range tonight - 9 degrees...
 The slope rating came from the guy who invented the Slope rating ( Dean Knuth ) - so I don't know what to tell you This is what he took into account: RATING AUGUSTA NATIONALFollowing the USGA formula for rating courses, I graded each hole at Augusta National for 10 obstacle factors on a scale of 0 to 10. The rating criteria:1. Topography. Difficulty of stance in the landing area and the vertical angle of shots to the green from the landing area. The par-4 11th, with a...
Well that's boring!!!
If you can handle the crowds etc I couldn't handle that many people watching me  Heck, I get nervous on first tees when random players are watching me.
Has anyone read the article?   Is the article about golf or fitness?
Wow, a lot of guys here would seem to score well at Augusta, off the masters tees, in tournament conditions, with thousands of people watching, and paired with professionals, broadcasted on live TV.   Sunday at the masters....   Did everyone forget those details?   Anyone over a 7 handicap would struggle to break 100.   See below - without all the added pressure/situation  
I have tried multiple versions of fitted hats - the problem being that they are too narrow at the front, whereas baseball hats are wider.   My forehead is 'pronounced' so I need all the help I can get form a wider hat.
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