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Both Rory and Tiger will be on Fallon on Monday night - who knows what for, but will be interesting!
  Cleveland/Srixon own the word 'better'? 
I am hoping it's a new forged blade
Pants too baggy, shirts too big with sleeves too short...just messy       Visors are just terrible - nobody looks good in them, and if you think you do, you're wrong. And yes, there is a top button, but it is never meant to be used on a golf polo.  
What did he do that you deemed immature in the first place?
  LOL - this is my 'go-to' shot
Bubba is a joke. He needs to stick to being an ass/moron, or, be a good guy - right now he's an ass/moron constantly apologizing and trying to reiterate that he is actually a good guy.   He's lost in the void somewhere between those two which is worse than either.
I'm a Nike fanboy - so I'm biased...but there is zero evidence that Nike clubs are any worse than other manufacturers - especially at the Tour level. People just like to bash Nike for some odd reason.
40/47 = 87   My swing is all over the place right now. When I swing it like I'm supposed to, I stripe it, but if I lose it, it takes me too many holes to figure it out again...more range time
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