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Only advice given to me at the range was when I had the shanks, the guy came and told me to 'turn my hands over at impact'   Being on the verge of an absolute mental meltdown because of my session of shanks, his poor advice could not have come at a worse time.   Many scenarios played over in my head, all of them including a shaft replacement on my 8 iron I was clutching
43/36 for a 79   Doubled the last hole too...hit a flier over the green into the pond
Say Yes for Scotland      
Not falling towards the ball in my swing.   Doing swings with my butt against a chair. In my videos, I was moving towards the ball about 2 inches, and after looking at some pros swings, they're butts all move away from the ball  
Hell of a career for Steve. He made some dumb moves, but more good than bad.   Good on him
"There are 2 large mounds I need to get the ball over to get to the hole"
Can't wear a hat backwards, but can look like this?  
Meh....I quit golf after every bad round.   "I f%#king quit, this game is stupid.....................................................see you next weekend"
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