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I tried editing it but it says I do not have permission to edit.   
Reduced $375 obo
Still have available for Best offer
For sale is a set of Nike VR Split Cavity irons. Set is 3-PW. Shafts are Dynamic Gold X100. Clubs are only 2 weeks old. Bought them new from Golfsmith August 3rd. Circumstances have changed and need the money for bills. Will show receipt to serious buyers to prove they are legit.    $425 shipped...obo   Thanks,   Daniel
It would be interesting to know what it would take to make it happen. It also made me think of the celebrity tour. It would also be cool to be able to see some of the events they play. I understand it wouldn't be able to be all the time but it would be nice to see sometimes, kind of like when they show some amateur tournaments.   Golf Channel is always showing re runs of everything and it seems like somethings could fill up better space.
I know there was at least some celebs and pros playing today in the pro am. I watch Mike and Mike in the morning everyday and Greenie had on Emmit Smith whom he was going to be playing with as well as Fred Couples. It just seems like these are the types of things they should show, at least in parts, to help show different sides of the tour. I would also like to see more regular character development of the everyday pros. You see some on inside the PGA tour show but it is...
I have had people do this. When the ball comes, wherever it may be they just move as to not get hit.
I think a hole in one whether at a par 3 course or not is pretty cool. Regular golf courses have short holes. Also as far as I know no one complains when the pros make aces on holes that are playing 125 sometimes, they still make SportsCenter lol
Does anyone know why the pro am's don't get shown regularly? I doubt I am the only one that likes to see the celebrities and pro athletes playing with the PGA tour golfers. It just seems like a lot of people would watch if they would show it.
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