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I can see some of those Korean girls on the LPGA using these bags.  Not for me though. 
Yeah, like this Sergio hat: http://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-TaylorMade-SERGIO-GARCIA-Adidas-Lethal-R1-Driver-Player-Issued-Flex-Fit-HAT-/151256806261?pt=US_Athletic_Clothing&hash=item23379bb375
Yeah, 1Billion contest is over.  Makes me wonder if Buffett made a "donation" to a couple of the schools to pull of flop.
I didn't know about the buyout part.  That's interesting.  Yeah, yesterday was a bracket buster day for sure.  Probably the same today.
Yeah, I am trying to get some info on player issued hats.  Maybe someone here has received a hat from a player or collects match played memorabilia can chime in and let me know some info on their hats.  Thanks.
Anyone familiar with or collect player issued/worn hats?  More specifically Taylormade/Adidas hats.
Yeah that 1 Billion Yahoo is a joke. Not to mention if I did have a perfect bracket going into the final game, I would have a nervous breakdown like nothing else.
The Crossings in Carlsbad is a good challenging course, watch out for the planes flying over head.   Maderas is a nice course as well.
Thats a great price.  You will sell that bag in no time.
New Posts  All Forums: