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Adidas Climacool and Callaway X-Series (w UPF +15)
Craigslist.  I've bought balls on there all the time, and you can see what your buying before you hand your money over.
Zach Johnson had 6 sponsors on his shirt.  Is that the most a player has had, or has there been another with 6 or more sponsors on a shirt?  
Found out Keegan Bradley sells these type shirts:   http://www.travismathew.com/keegan-polo/   Anyone else know of players (past or present) that sell golf shirts with the sponsor logos on them?
Yes, that's exactly what I'm looking for.  Those type shirts in general, not specifically Ian Poulter's.  Do you know if Ian is the only player out there that does this? 
Good to know about the Nike shirts.  I guess Nike is paying the players enough money, they don't need other sponsor logos on the shirts anyways.
OK.  I was just wondering if they sold these types of shirts, with the sponsor logos, at the vendor tents at the tournaments, or at retail stores, or online somewhere.
Yeah, I understand the style of shirts are available for sale, without the sponsor logos on them.  I was just wondering if the shirts that they wore during the tournaments, with the logos on them, were sold to the general public as well.  Kind of like when you buy soccer or rugby jerseys from your favorite professional team, they usually have the sponsor logos on them, like AIG or Vodafone or Qatar Airmways etc etc.
Does anyone know if shirts worn by players on the PGA/LPGA tour are sold to the general public, like in retail stores or thru vendors at the tournaments?  The shirts I am referring to are the ones that have the sponsor logos on the chest, collars and sleeves.  Here's a couple examples:         Or are these type of shirts only made for the players to wear?
Yes, I saw the website.  Was looking for feedback to see if anyone here has used these clubs, or knows of anyone that has used them, and what kind of results were obtained by using the DBOT 5 clubs.  Did you notice on the website they sponsor Selanee Henderson?  Hubba hubba!
New Posts  All Forums: