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I like the scene in Casino where the FBI plane runs out of gas and has to land in the fairway. Joe Peci and his fellow gangsters bet on who can hit the plane with a golf ball.
[IMG] Foun a couple pics from the driving range.
That was a really good day. I hope to play again next year.
I have to use a broken tee on all par 3s. If I can't find one on the tee box, I'll pull one out of my pocket and break it.
Shot a 90 today. 5933 yds, 69 cr, 124 slope. Could've been much better but I fought my driver all day, only hitting 4 fairways. My putting is what kept me in it though, 31.putts today.
Very true. I normally play right around the 6000 yd mark and will average shooting in the mid-high 90s. I played with David from TST with the Euros last week from 6600 yds and it was a killer lol. Hacked my way around to a 105.
We did but I think putting David in charge of getting them out might of been a mistake lol.
Had a blast today with a bunch of great guys. Unfortunately I also lost my match 3 & 2 but had a great day with a really good group. And I especially want to thank David for playing us from the tees a good 600 yards further back than I usually play AND then informing me that I would be teeing off first in front of both teams. I stepped up to the tee box and promptly duck hooked my drive OB. Lol
That stuff happens a lot on my home course because a couple holes are right next to the road. Just today some guy yelled fore! As I was on my backswing.
Did she really say her name was Noo Noo!?
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