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Agreed. Waldorf is a beautiful course.
I agree that playing with a 15" hole would not truly be golf and I don't think I'd play using one either but we're not the intended market for that game. That's designed to draw new people to the golf courses which I believe, will lead more folks to play the true game of golf.
Saw a young couple playing as a twosome in front of us once and they had their little girl with them, she looked to be about 9 years old. They would let the girl drive the cart around by herself, while they were putting. Well as you can guess, she hit the gas one time, drove straight on into a tree and as it turned out, gave herself a bloody nose. The parents proceeded to drive straight to the clubhouse and yell at anybody who would listen that the course's equipment was...
It ain't easy being us . Shot an ugly 97 on Saturday, played the same course, from the same tees on Sunday and came in with an 89. Go figure.
Shot an ugly 97 today. Terrible iron play all day had me scrambling just to get on with a putt for par. Plus I just can't seem to get away from "That" stretch if holes. Starts the back side 8 over for the first 3 holes. Very frustrating.
I agree with a lot of this. In my last job, so much of the business was done on the golf course, hell that's one of the reasons I started playing. We also held/participated in about 6 gold outings a year, all designed to spend time with customers, I'm not sure if it's like that anymore.**side note** I had never seen Top Golf before. That looks like fun.
Nice. Don't forget to come back here and give your reviews of all of them.
Tipping the caddies is a given, I never indicated otherwise.
Obviously it depends on who you're with. My regular foursome will just kill each other when we hit bad shots. If I'm playing with folks I don't know, that's different.
I'm obviously addicted to hitting bad shots
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