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Don't think I'd yell anything at him but I would love to sit in the stands at that hole.
Up until this year I booked on Golfnow exclusively. Now that they charge online fees no matter how many rounds I book, I've switched to using the course's website.
Well that stinks. I wasn't sure why I was b ing charged booking fees this year but now i know. I don't book as many rounds as some of you guys but I did 50+ last year, mist of the foursomes and I just can't see paying all those fees all year long.
Jeez thanks David. I already felt bad enough having to check the very last box lol.
wow, what a relief. I thought I was the only one who felt this way.
Definetly is nice to have a wife that doesn't mind her husband playing golf . I got the go ahead for 2 rounds so I'll probably be playing twice. Hopefully with TST member kmarkham the second round.
That actually sounds awesome, thanks for the invite I'll keep you updated as we go.
My compass is obviously off lol. Just me and the wife going so it's defly not a golf trip. My buddy in Glenealy doesn't play but he has friends that do and he's looking to hook me up with a round out there.
Looks like North to Clare from there then back to Dublin. We'll be staying in Kerry on Sunday night and Ballybunion is about an hour's drive from there. After we get done with our self drive package were heading to the west coast to spend some time with friends in Wexford and Glenealy.
Thanks buddy. As of now I have no plans to play the Cahen Course but you never know right?
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