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I agree with a lot of this. In my last job, so much of the business was done on the golf course, hell that's one of the reasons I started playing. We also held/participated in about 6 gold outings a year, all designed to spend time with customers, I'm not sure if it's like that anymore.**side note** I had never seen Top Golf before. That looks like fun.
Nice. Don't forget to come back here and give your reviews of all of them.
Tipping the caddies is a given, I never indicated otherwise.
Obviously it depends on who you're with. My regular foursome will just kill each other when we hit bad shots. If I'm playing with folks I don't know, that's different.
I'm obviously addicted to hitting bad shots
Looking at your pics makes me want to play every single one of those courses
Thanks so much for the help buddy. I'll defly check out the rest if the photos and perhaps PM you from time to time if I have any further questions, If that's ok with you.
I knew the "get off my yard" grumpy old man down the street was here someplace.
Agreed. I didn't see anywhere in the OP where anything was said to the group behind about hitting into them. Knocking their balls where they would never be found seems kind of "yahooish" to me.
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