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That commercial's hilarious
I'm guessing that lack of consistency is a common theme in this thread and is probably the major stumbling block when it comes to us becoming better golfers.
With my standard foursome, we're definitely finishing inside of 3:30. We're "first tee time" players so there's rarely anybody ahead of us.
I came up with 62 that I could remember. 5 states and 2 countries.
Hit em straight!
Welcome to the struggle.
You post brought up an interesting thought regarding swing thoughts for the high HC. I've dropped three strokes off my index over my last 8 rounds and while a lot of that has to do with leaving the driver in the bag, changing my thought process at address is also a part of it. I have a bad habit of standing over the ball too long, thinking about the wrong things. Over the last couple months, I've made a real effort to shorten my time over the ball, leading to my swing...
I'd have to disagree with that. If I'm waiting on the group ahead to putt out, I'd much rather take some swings to keep myself loose as opposed to just sitting in the cart waiting.
I hate to practice.
It's so weird that you mention maintainence guys because I had that same thing happen this morning. I made a tee time as a single at the first tee time of the day and when I showed up there was a large men's group showing up. The starter told me to grab a cart and go and I ended up amongst the grounds crew through the first 11 holes. I was constantly having to wait on the guy mowing the greens, plus I had another guy changing the pin placement and somebody else changing...
New Posts  All Forums: