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That's just silly and rude.
Black House by Stephen King. It's the sequel to The Talisman which was a great book. Black House actually came out over 10 years ago but somehow I missed it. I know that King sometimes gets a reputation as a "Hack" because he puts out so many books but when he's on point, he's one of the best fiction writers ever.
I thought watching Anthony on the bench was hilarious. Tapping his foot, sunglasses on, not talking to anybody, not clapping, you could just tell that it was killing him to not be out there playing. The finale would have definetly been more interesting with him in it.
I like FF more Than David does but I agree with him the WA is absolutely worth the extra money, it's a truly beautiful course. The course at the Ritz Carlton is also a great course.
If I'm in my regular group, we don't shake hands on the 18th green. If there's strangers involved, always.
That's just not what the Olympics are about anymore, professionals are already playing in other sports and there's no going back now. I don't think pro golfers care at all about the Olympics and to be honest, I think people in general have lost interest in the whole thing.
It was definetly the group in front. This course has clocks situated on a couple holes to let you know if you're on pace. We were an hour behind schedule and after the second hole, I never saw the group in front of the guys ahead of us.
Are you sure you weren't in my foursome Saturday? There was a foursome in front of us like you describe all day long. One guy playing from the tips who shouldntve been back there, three guys who were just awful and slow. We waited on the every single shot until the last two holes. #16 is a short 280 yd par 4. My son who is a big hitter, waited until they were at their carts before hitting and dropped one 20 ft from the pin. For some reason, the group in front of us took...
Shot a 99 yesterday and it was all because of the driver. My average is 54% FW but even when I miss, I'm usually not so far off that im in trouble, that was definetly not the case yesterday lol. I was spraying and praying all day and leaving myself horrible second shots. Oh well, back to the range I go.
Exactly. I gotta admit that I get a chuckle out of reading things like "I got up in his face" or "Where I come from, somebody's getting decked", are we all still in junior high? I couldn't care less if some stranger decides to toss out an insult at me, the guy doesn't know me at all, therefore his opinion of me means nothing. There is a small handful of people whose opinion of me, means something to me and some guy on the driving range isn't one of them.
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