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It's so weird that you mention maintainence guys because I had that same thing happen this morning. I made a tee time as a single at the first tee time of the day and when I showed up there was a large men's group showing up. The starter told me to grab a cart and go and I ended up amongst the grounds crew through the first 11 holes. I was constantly having to wait on the guy mowing the greens, plus I had another guy changing the pin placement and somebody else changing...
There ya go.
My buddy tees off with a 4i all the time because it puts him in the fairway almost every time. I recently put the driver away and went to the 3w, it's taken 3 strokes off my HC.
Had another round in the 80's today (88) and in the last 6 weeks have dropped from a 21.1 to an 18.00.
Dropped one more stroke to an 18.00, that's three strokes so far. Shot an 88 today.
I played Ballybunion this past June and absolutely loved the course.
Nice. My wife and I love the clams at the Lighthouse.
Very cool, thanks. Where do you work?
I've played several of the courses there, I really liked the Nancy Lopez course and would love to play the Arnold Palmer one.
Lol. My father in law lives in The Villages (I live in Ocala) and when he was playing a lot it was near impossible to get him to play anywhere els.
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