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Lol. Very true.
Nothing like being just off the green only to skull the ball 30 yds past. Lol
I am apparently in free fall. My last four rounds are 97, 98, 106 & 102 and it all comes down to iron play. I don't get into much trouble with my driver but I can't tell you how many doubles and triples I've hit into from the fairway over the last month. I hit fat, I hit thin, I push my mid irons and pull my high irons & wedges. Nothing at all seems to make a difference and it's extremely frustrating but you know what? I'll be out there again Saturday morning, convinced...
Are you sure you not being too picky or dare I say whining?You think people are talking about youYou seem to think the members are meanYou don't like the kids in the poolYou don't like the lifeguardsYou don't like the foodYou don't like the members that play in tournamentsYou don't like the managementYou don't like groups that play on holidays or Sundays.Are you sure you're not expecting too much?
Hey! This is a family website buddy!
Getting to hang on the course with two of my sons. Not much better than that to me.
Yup, no biggie.
What sort of damage are you talking about, divots, ball marks? How many times have you been behind a group of experienced golfers and still needed to repair damage that wasn't your own or wait because they were taking too long? Should they all have to take the test?You and I agree that all golfers should know basic rules and etiquette when hitting the course, I just think that it's up to the golfer introducing them to the game. You're right, there are experienced idiots...
I don't think I'm missing the point Dave, I think we just disagree. Let's look at "basic knowledge" as iit applies to other sports:Basketball- don't camp out in the paintFootball- don't cross the LOS until the ball is snappedBaseball- don't tag up on a fly ball until the fielder has caught itSoccer- unless you're the goalie, don't use your handsShould all of these sports require potential players to have a rudimentary understanding of the game before they can play?
I really don't think it has anything to do with newbie arrogance Dave. You mention slow, discourteous golfers and you mention those who play 100 plus rounds a year. I've been playing for about 20 years now and the majority of slow, discourteous golfers I've seen have by far, been those who've been playing the game for years. In my limited experience of bringing new folks to the game (3), the newbies, once I make them aware of POP and etiquette, are the first ones to ask...
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