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A big arse seafood boil with potatoes, sausage, corn, shrimp, clams and a shite ton of King and snow crab legs. Long tables lined with newspaper and several choices of ice cold beer including Fat Tire, Honkers Ale, Blue Point Lager and others. Screw desert
I actually found an old, old, Cleveland ladies gap wedge in my buddy's garage. I love it! From 60/70 yards out,it's just a nice full swing and it lands soft. I of course, get a rash of shite from my buddies because it's a ladies club but I just don't care.
Great story. All my kids are grown and due to a nasty divorce and my own mistakes, I missed out on a lot with my oldest son (30) and there was a loooong time when we didn't get along at all, it was golf that brought us back together. He and I play together most every weekend now and now my youngest son (21) has picked up the game and plays with us. Those hours on the course with my boys is the best part of my week and I wouldn't trade them for anything.
True. Most of us don't read enough break and mid on the armature side. Or, it could be just me.
Insane how far right she started that ball.
Whew! I was afraid I'd be the only one dressed like that.
thanks a lot for volunteering to do the leg work buddy . About the only time I can't do it, is the first weekend in June, that's our big trade show in Orlando. Other than that, I'm pretty flexible.
No way GM turns down a chance to win his money back from you buddy!
After reading about the So Cal TST golf outing I got thinking it would be neat to maybe do one in Florida. I mentioned it to David in Fla and he agreed it would be cool, depending of course on how much interest there is. Strictly preliminary thoughts are early June in the Orlando area, (Orange County National?). So, is anybody interested?
ain't that the truth! I'll be grumbling about this thread Monday morning as I head to work.
New Posts  All Forums: