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Shot a 99 yesterday and it was all because of the driver. My average is 54% FW but even when I miss, I'm usually not so far off that im in trouble, that was definetly not the case yesterday lol. I was spraying and praying all day and leaving myself horrible second shots. Oh well, back to the range I go.
Exactly. I gotta admit that I get a chuckle out of reading things like "I got up in his face" or "Where I come from, somebody's getting decked", are we all still in junior high? I couldn't care less if some stranger decides to toss out an insult at me, the guy doesn't know me at all, therefore his opinion of me means nothing. There is a small handful of people whose opinion of me, means something to me and some guy on the driving range isn't one of them.
I voted #2 and you can see it all over this forum. Every single golfer here hates slow play but apparently, there's not a single golfer here who plays slow.
#18 athe Silver Springs Shores Country Club. 555 yd par 5, dogleg right. Water left, right and long off the tee. Good drive still sets up a bif 3w (for me) that needs to bend right, too far right is in the woods. Even after 2 good shots it's still 170-180 to a green with front bunkers both left and right. I've played the hole probably 50 times with one birdie, one par and a whole lotta doubles.
Believe me, it's a very rare thing when it happens lol.
Played pretty well today, shot a 91. 6151 yds, 70.1/127 I had 3 doubles but no blow up holes. 8 FWs, 3 GIR. 34 putts. Just a good day all around and I even played the hole round with one ball.
I agree that him calling it an ace, is just wrong. I often tell folks about my "kind of an eagle" on the #1 HC hole at one of my favorite courses. Drove into the water, blasted my second tee shot down the fairway and drained a 200 yd 4h for a.................par . I joke around about it being an eagle but I put a 4 on the scorecard and now it's just a fun little story.
Man, I am glad I live in Florida!
I thought the same thing when Dave picked him. It wasn't because Dave thought he could beat him, it was because Dave wanted to beat him.
I like the scene in Casino where the FBI plane runs out of gas and has to land in the fairway. Joe Peci and his fellow gangsters bet on who can hit the plane with a golf ball.
New Posts  All Forums: