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Thanks buddy. So far they have performed great. I need to hit the range to try to dial in the longer distances though.
I just bought a new set of Calloway X Series N415 irons and I love them. I've only played two rounds with them but my shots are definetly straighter and at least 10 yards farther. Does anybody happen to know what model year these clubs are?
I'm playing Ballybunion in June and its too bad the dollar wasn't where it's at now when I booked lol. I'm actually thinking of exchanging some Dollars for Euros now because the exchange rate is so close.
So much truth here. In my last job I used to golf with my boss, who was a middle aged, obese, good old boy, with a wad of tobacco in his mouth and he would say the rudest things to the cart girl thinking he was funny. A little harmless flirting and banter is fine but there is definitely a line that far too many guys cross.
love the avatar Ernest.
$80 a week sounds like a really good deal, I'm playing Ballybunion in June and it's about $60 for one day, plus I'm betting you can play a ton of golf in a week with a rental car .
99 days to go! Sorry for this pretty meaningless post, I'm just excited we finally broke 100. Carry on
Welcome to the forum. I'm going to Ireland in June and while it's not a golf trip I will be playing Ballybunion. The thread bogie referenced is the one I started for my trip and there's some really good recommendations there.
I just try to walk it off. I always ride when I play but after a bad shot, if i feel I'm getting frustrated I'll usually grab a couple clubs and walk to my next shot. I find that it gives me time to relax and get over the last shot.
I love Boomer and I love this tournament, it's a refreshing change from the norm.
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