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99 days to go! Sorry for this pretty meaningless post, I'm just excited we finally broke 100. Carry on
Welcome to the forum. I'm going to Ireland in June and while it's not a golf trip I will be playing Ballybunion. The thread bogie referenced is the one I started for my trip and there's some really good recommendations there.
I just try to walk it off. I always ride when I play but after a bad shot, if i feel I'm getting frustrated I'll usually grab a couple clubs and walk to my next shot. I find that it gives me time to relax and get over the last shot.
I love Boomer and I love this tournament, it's a refreshing change from the norm.
Several years ago my niece was working as a cart girl at TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Verde and was able to score 3 free rounds on The Valley Course and while it wasn't The Stadium Course, we were all very appreciative and really looking forward to our round. Being that the rounds were complimentary, we had no choice when it came to our tee time and were given 12:30 on a Friday In January and even tho it was winter and it gets dark early, we figured we'd be fine until we got to...
Put me in the camp of not being able to choose just one. Rush Pink Floyd Chevelle Gin Blossoms
Don't think I'd yell anything at him but I would love to sit in the stands at that hole.
Up until this year I booked on Golfnow exclusively. Now that they charge online fees no matter how many rounds I book, I've switched to using the course's website.
Well that stinks. I wasn't sure why I was b ing charged booking fees this year but now i know. I don't book as many rounds as some of you guys but I did 50+ last year, mist of the foursomes and I just can't see paying all those fees all year long.
Jeez thanks David. I already felt bad enough having to check the very last box lol.
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