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Great commitment there Pete, I live quite far south in southern hemisphere and sometimes in the middle of summer hit the course at 6am. Also staying out till 10pm is great (although now with a kid that hasn't happened for a while). Longest day down here you could be on the course from 5am till 1030pm. I think up there you guys get even longer daylight hours?
Just stumbled onto this thread yesterday and loving it so far. Thanks for sharing your story Pete and very jealous of your setup. Was at the course yesterday practicing on frozen ground and thinking a home sim setup would be just the ticket. Pity all my rooms incl garage are 8 foot stud :(
Not the first person to see he is prone to exaggeration! I'm sure he will be back with some clarification that still doesn't make sense to anyone but he.
Oh dam, didn't know that. Already backed the kickstarter to will see what happens. Only just over 10% towards their goal so they may not make it.
Very interesting idea. Using NFC and a phone vs a stand alone module (like Game Golf) for a substantially lower price. Very tempted to back this.   The major factor pushing me away from game golf is my vanity, too scared to look like a dork walking around with the unit on my belt. This is a lot more inconspicuous.
I really want to buy a pair but there are no stockists anywhere near where I live. What are the best places online to buy them? Really scared on sizing, I am 9.5 in the adidas puremotion I currently wear but have no idea which size to go for in the trues...
Sounds a bit like his blog updating schedule. No blog or twitter activity for about 2 weeks. I think this might be the beginning of the end.
Exactly! The way he goes on it sounds like the mere fact that he is attempting to do this means he is entitled for sponsors to queue up to give him their cash. If he can't even organise himself enough to update minor things such as that why would a sponsor want to pay him to do it? I certainly know I wouldn't (if I had the $$ to chuck at stuff like that). One of the best golf books I've ever read was called Paper Tiger (By Tom Coyne). Brilliant book and from what I could...
Your whole argument revolves around the fact that Dan got down to a handicap of 4/3/2 (or whatever he said he did). Myself (along with a fair few others) don't believe Dan ever genuinely got to that handicap. He got there by selectively handing in the cards that would get him to that index. When he can go out and play to his "handicap" in a tournament (not shoot 90+) then I think a lot more people will be able to take him seriously. Until then, he is just a hacker imo. The...
Maybe he's taking the scientists point of view and making an early call that Dan has proven his hypothesis wrong?
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