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Interesting question. My game has taken a hammering since we had our first child last year. Only getting out 4 days a week for practice (usually 1 hour a day) and then every second weekend for a round. However I've started taking my daughter out in the stroller in the evenings when the course is quiet. She loves it too. If no one is around I'll let her have a run round the green and she loves picking up the balls and putting them in the hole. My plan is to get her hooked...
Go Danny Lee! Unfortunate bogey on final hole but hopefully he can string together a few more below par rounds and be there abouts on Sunday!
Great update Pete. I look forward to following your swing changes, make sure you keep us updated. Enjoy reading your posts!
I think you mean 10-15 HC. We have already established that his real handicap is probably 7-10 at the moment. Throw in a job and that adds 5 shots :)
Wow, great analysis. Very interesting video to watch, thanks @iacas! That should keep @Nosevi busy for at least a few days. Look forward to following the progress.
I had a pretty solid shot into the green on the 18th last weekend. I was one down in my match so had to win the hole to get a half. I had 140 yards to a back left pin location with a strong left to right wind blowing. I lined up at the left edge of the green and hit a perfect shot that started dead at my target and faded back with the wind about 8 yards to land right on line with the flag about 15 feet short of the pin. My birdie putt was a bit misread (right weight but...
I'm surprised I'm the first to mention this, but all this talk of talent and the drive to practice for hours on end in terrible weather etc as different things, no one has picked up that this is talent. Talent comes in many forms and I believe that you don't necessarily need all of forms to be great at something. You need a lot of them but you can make up for deficiencies in some aspects by being brilliant at others. Zach Johnson is a perfect example, not in the same...
Looking forward to what looks like it will be a "typical" british open weather wise. I'm going to go for Danny Lee, after his two best weeks since turning pro his confidence is sky high so I think he may be one of the outsiders to keep an eye on.
You made the right choice. As much as it would have been a boost to the ego to win it apart from that it wouldn't have done much else. The downside would have been much greater.
Totally agree, I think the person that posted that quote was meaning well but if you take a second to think about it, it makes no sense at all. Maybe he was meaning worst putt is better than worst chip? Best putt and best chip are equal (in the hole) but as you say, best chip is in the hole and worst putt is ages away. Either way, I always look for a way to putt the ball, even if I am 15-20ft off the green. However there are some times when you just can't and have to suck...
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