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I was thinking the same thing. He regularly posts comments and on more than one occasion they are longer than the blog post itself.
Thought I'd update this thread again. Been doing evolvr again for about 4 months and really starting to get some results back. Still a little rough around the edges but heading in the right direction. Got some 36 hole tournaments (36 holes in 1 day) coming up so looking for some solid results in tournament play. I've played in a few before and my swing just falls apart on game day. So really looking forward to applying my improved swing and also the tricks given in "Lowest...
Man it cracks me up reading his blog. His latest one about ups and downs. He briefly skims over the round mentioning how every bad shot he hit (and it sounded like he hit a lot) bounced fortunately and he managed to shoot low 70's. The next day he goes out and the bounce of the ball goes against him and he shoots low 80's. Reading between the lines I think somehow he thinks the low 80's round is not fair. In reality the low 70's round was a complete fluke and the low 80's...
Very sad day indeed. RIP.   Having directly known 5 people that have committed suicide the way I rationalise it is by saying depression is no different to cancer. Some people get cured, some don't, sadly this is the result when they don't get the treatment they need. It is a disease/illness of the brain and very difficult to diagnose and treat. Until more people start to think of it this way I don't think things will change. (sorry, not wanting to start a suicide thread!)
Alexandra, so you'd have to be Invercargill or Antartica to beat me 
Yay! Mine arrived as I was about to leave for work this morning. Good timing cause I have a business trip this afternoon so will have something to read on the plane!   Am I the furthest away person to get the book (South Island of New Zealand)? You'd basically have to be in Antarctica to be any further away  
I bought a box of these at christmas and only used the first one a few weeks ago. In winter (southern hemisphere) they are great cause the greens are a bit softer and they help make up for a little bit of distance loss in the cold weather. The best part imo though is the durability of them. The z-stars are pretty good for a players ball but the e6 are amazing. Three rounds with the same ball and it looks like z-star after 18 and a pro v after 9 holes. Will be sticking with...
So what are the other two?
Yes and that is the reason why his handicap is low, you need to be under 4 (I think??) to be eligible to enter the state am events. So if he posted up all his "practice" rounds (probably anything over 80) his handicap would probably be closer to reality of 7 or 8. But, then he wouldn't be able to play in the tournaments! Easy to criticise but I'd probably do the same, hehe...
Well sorry to burst your bubble but he has already pulled out :(
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