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Still Loving the Callaways and not regretting selling the G10s one iota!
Once I got to Cbus, the drinking and BBQ started... Long stor short, a sickening feeling kept me off the course that weekend, but I'll be heading back soon.   GO BG!!
 Yea, Me to!  Glad to see you are right up the road.  We'll can definately hit the links sometime. 
I'm likely going to be spending a long weekend in Cbus this weekend and I do not know anyone there that plays.  So, I'm reaching out to my fellow Sand Trappers to show me the ropes.  If anyone in Cbus has plans on playing this weekend and wouldn't mind an extra, shoot me a PM and I'll send you my #.   Thanks in advance!
Ive had the Razr X Forged for about a week now.  Before I ordered them, I wasn't competely sure if I would have success playing them, but I can tell you, after I demoed them, I loved them!  I can honestly say I'm hitting these much more consistently than my G10s, likely because I had to fight the urge to sweep the ball with the Gs.  The Razrs are a great set though.
So, I began this season with the idea i was going to work with the equipment I had and not purchase anything this year.  I walked into my local pro shop and saw a G15 3w for $160 and thought "Right now my set goes from driver to 3h, I need to fill that gap", spoke with the pro and he gave me the 3w for $100.  Shortly after that I began to look for new irons as I knew my swing was getting better and I grew tired of the G10s, so I began my search and bounced around from...
Took my new clubs out for a spin for the first time yesterday on a pretty tough course and came within  a few strokes of my PR.  Shot an 86, but still had a "snowman" on the card!!  These things feel awesome though and I'm extremely happy with the upgrade!
My clubs came today!!! I went and played a par 3 course and I was actually spinning the ball back!! I didnt know I could do that, tackling a new "real" course in the a.m.
Wishing I would have paid the extra $25 for 2 day shipping
I ended up going with a PX Flighted 5.5 hoping it would help launch my longer irons as advertised.  We'll see.
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