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This was today. Easy course, but the greens were hollow tined and sanded last week and were wet with heavy dew this morning. I reckon they were stimping around 5. Putting was brutal.  
 On behalf of all of us who think that'd be a pretty nice little Saturday, I just like to say **** you!  
Bunch of people who's kids are still alive only because the stabber was the only person in America without access to a Bushmaster at home! Sorry Dave. 
I'll take 15 mph more, please!
When I first registered here on the Sand Trap in (I think) 2010 -- I was 40 and probably about a 16 handicap.
Yeah, it didn't last. I hit it all over the shop and -- in the words of Dean Wormer (more or less) -- short, drunk and crooked is no way to go through life, son.
 +1. So choice. Wish I could play the blades but I just can't with my swing speed and launch angles. Beautiful Edels there, too.  My personal short list of the absolute best gear in the game: Woods -- Wishon. Irons -- Miura. Wedges and putter -- Edel. Get fitted properly into those and you are DONE.
Haven't bought any irons for 4 years because my fitter is a friend and hadn't found anything that might suit me better. Until now. Going for the Miura PP straight necks (minimum offset) with Aerotech Steelfiber shafts and he's going to take out the gold fill in the emblem because that sucks. Test club feels like rubbing a pat of butter all over Paulina Gretzky's boobs would feel. I imagine.  
Would suck less. Definitely.
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