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Hey Matt, just commenting because we have some similar tendencies, not because I'm any kind of expert!   I know that for me I don't like to see the club going inside and under so quickly from A1 to A2 as this takes the loft and bounce off and sets you up to return to the ball too shallow and with too much leading edge in play. I know when I'm doing it by the strikes -- which tend thin -- and the turf interaction -- gets "sticky".   My focus when practicing is to hinge...
All sports have kooks but golf has the best kooks, in my humble opinion.
Sorry to hear mate. Very frustrating and disappointing. Sending you all the good vibes we have over here and fingers crossed that the rehab goes faster than you think.
Mick lives in a big house at the bottom of the Old Course at our club. I often see him out walking a small dog and, more occasionally, on the range hitting balls. He claims to have slept with over 1,000 women, which just goes to show I guess ...   
Played it.   18th hole at my former home club, which was a short par 5 with a stream crossing the fairway twice and a pond right of the green with the club house behind that. Three wood, 4 iron, wedge on the green, two putts and into the bar happy 99 percent of the time. Anyway, one day I had a 52 degree to a back pin and cold shanked it dead right to where the club captain, head pro and director of golf were having coffee on the terrace. It whistled straight over their...
Different strokes for different folks. More, generally, for some.
In my opinion, unless you are practicing with a camera for monitoring or with some kind of physical enforcement for the specific change that you are trying to make (alignment stick in the ground that you have to stay over/under, ball between the elbows, whatever you need), then you are wasting your time. Anything else is just training yourself to hit it incrementally better with the swing that you already have -- which is a game of diminishing returns for most of us. Only...
We-Ko-Pa is $75 versus $230 in peak season and TPC Scottsdale has a $120 offer to play Champions in the morning and the Stadium in the afternoon, with lunch thrown in. That could be a long, sweaty day. Take beer!
Working on changing backswing picture. Monitoring ball position (more centered), A1 to A2 (less under), thoracic extension after A2. Still need lots more of latter but progress made -- right elbow working better, left arm not so trapped across chest. Interesting how downswing pieces also start to clean up from there even with zero focus.  
There has never yet been a male champion in all-comers grudge holding.
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