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Golf swings with the 6. Quality looks pretty good. (Picture and mechanics!)    
Inside the leather, that's a gimme.
Heard the other day after an interview: "He came up short on the intrinsics."   Translation: "He's a dumbass." 
 Missed opportunity!  "I, for one, would like to associate myself with Stretch's sentiments in no uncertain terms!"
It is my understanding that we all strive to leverage our individual competencies in the linguistic arena to add value to the discussions here at the Sand Trap. It this organic, bottom-up approach from all of our valued contributors that makes the site so much more than just the sum of its parts and, ultimately, allows it to literally take flight. 
Oh ye of little faith! It's important to have 560 horsepower in a country where premium gas is $9.50 a gallon and there's a speed camera every 500 meters (546.81 yards), on average.
Sweet ride Mike. I'm selling the Land Rover Discovery next week and picking up something slightly sportier -- will cut about 5 seconds off the 0 - 100 km/h time. 
Rob's changed his pattern a bit. 
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