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+1 Graeme McDowell -1 Steve Stricker -1 Jim Furyk Tiger Woods(9) Steve Stricker(4) Jim Furyk(4) Graeme McDowell(8) Dustin Johnson(8)
Gotta love that!
I think that would be a good one for you. I think you may be using too much of your right arm during the downswing, breaking a lever and causing an early release of the clubhead. Try using your left arm on the backswing and to begin the downswing while only allowing your right arm to come into play when the hands hit the body.
I thought that wedges were typically supposed to be the same length.
Get her to stand closer to the ball and then see what happens.
I think you're raising up because the ball is too far back in your stance, but if you move it forward you'll prob hook the crap out of it.
Good job man! I also had a killer round on Monday, 77, at Legends: Heathland in Myrtle Beach, SC. Won my tournament! Pretty good compared to my handicap!
Handicaps haven't dropped much because many amateur golfers do not get club-fitted. I think it's something like 65% of golfers don't get fit for their clubs.
To me, Stack and Tilt is just another way to swing a golf club. I do not oppose stack and tilt; instead, I believe a golf instructor should be well rehearsed in all of the different golf swings. When it comes to teaching, I believe an instructor should not just focus on one type of swing; rather, decide which one is best fit for their pupil based on their body type, current swing tendencies, physical strength, flexibility, etc...
Well at least i got something right! Iacas, is the swing you teach the S&T?
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