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  just out of curiosity, who did you think was the best golfer out of the bunch? besides you,lol  
  Well you just told someone to do something too much. You told the guy "bunkerputt" a few posts up that he was wrong when telling the guy to not do what is in this picture below. You told him he should do it because it would help him draw it and hit it low.     I consider that "too much". Just like this photo below of Tom Watson is too much      
Im of the belief you dont want the hands leading too much.  
i havent been in enough scrambles to have a chance to win anything yet but my dad won a Ping staff bag a couple years ago for longest putt. He had me sell it for him on ebay, ended up selling for a few hundred
  i agree. Although they better not change Mahans follow through. I swear I get better just watching it.  
I see a little bit of a loop from backswing into downswing but its the inside to outside loop, probably why you pull it.
O'Hair left Foley and is playing good golf. I think the bad thing for Tiger being with Foley is he will be playing golf swing instead of golf.
id like to see sean win this one. Blanks looks like he needs to stop going to dunkin doughnuts
Good photo either way   http://img.ly/6mqW  
  it wasnt just that. Williams went ahead and caddied again at the AT&T for scott. You just dont do that. Williams is kinda a hard nosed guy tho
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