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I had not seen the video yet. Is this the whole thing? I really cannot tell what he is doing. Could be a drunk woman he is trying to get back to his hotel. I have heard on the radio that he beat her, but not followed the story much.   If the allegations are true regarding domestic violence then he should be suspended longer. If this is the only evidence then it is hard to say that it should be for more.
I think this format had some wild action and was pretty entertaining. Particularly the playoff, even if it had been Taiwan and Korea I would have found it interesting. The LPGA was trying and I give them an A for effort. 
Really a great looking club. Can't wait to hear how they perform.
This is a pretty good review. Have you thought to put it in our user reviews section?
Very cool story thank you for sharing
I find myself posting if no one else has yet, or if they are not getting many responses in a while. This way someone at least gets a response. I try to only post when I think I have something to offer the golfer.    Thing is, if @iacas or @mvmac post then almost by default the piece they identify becomes the priority piece and anything I add only could distract them from the priority piece. So basically once one of them post I can only add encouragement or a different...
To add to the comments already here, I think changing your swing in your early 20's is far easier than changing your swing in your late 30's. One must take this into account. 
It is fine to practice inside your house with video to see if you are in the correct positions (or you can use a mirror) but for feedback on your swing you should always take video with a ball. Also it would be helpful to have a down the line view to provide some more feedback.
An example of feel isn't real. The swing on the left I really felt like I was doing a better job at extension. Versus the swing on the right from 4 months ago I can't even tell the difference. Just have to keep working at it.   
I think an instructor has to have a thirst for knowledge. Be a curious person always on the lookout for how to improve himself and his students. Second he must be a good communicator to be able to give his message to the student and they understand it. Probably a strong mix of patience as golf is pretty damn hard and anyone trying to make changes to their swing is going to need someone patient to keep the student focused.    I think in the process of learning about golf...
New Posts  All Forums: