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Only if you lose one. I haven't lost one yet so by my experience, no your probably fine.
Robert Rock has the most steady head I have ever seen. It seems to never move until after the ball is gone.
This is a great idea @VegasRenegade . Thank you for sharing your game with us.   I feel that the course came make an enormous difference. How much water, OB, places either of you can lose balls. If he hits one in the water/OB/hazard and loses a ball you are golden it is essentially a loss of hole if you can not lose a ball on that hole.Also how long the course is can play a role also. More length benefits him because distance is going to be one of his advantages likely.
Continuing to work on the same things.  
To get to scratch I need to hit it farther and straighter, so B
Liking the shoulder turn!
Until he is fully healthy I think it does not matter who is giving him instruction. Butch, Hank, Sean, Chris, Brandel it really doesn't matter if he is not comfortable with how his body is feeling.
I think the captains should get to pick the color. Since forced to vote for one of the other, I recommend the blue for the west coast.
When I worked at National they had a private jet. I never got to fly on it but a few of my colleagues did. They would always rave about it. I feel it is one of those things I will likely never do. 
If you like Cabs then Napa is your place. You can find Cabs in Sonoma but you will find that many of wineries that make the Cab use the grapes from Napa. They will be the most expensive wine they are selling. I still recommend Clif and also I suggest one really good place such as Caymus or Opus One (I think both place require a reservation). You will need to pay a hefty sum for tasting but it will be the highlight of your trip.
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