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 I am not totally sure. CECC where he met with the guy has one on site. He might just go the range at Riverside where he is a member and use their machine. He did this when he was a member at CECC. 
Thank you for sharing @mvmac I have enjoyed reading your posts on this and reading you answering all the questions.
Yes, I have noticed it since this post. I had not seen it before. Must use a accelerometer or something to detect a shot.
  Really a great story.
My answer is absolutely. The combination of video to help me learn if I am changing what I think I am changing (feel is not real) and Trackman to help me learn about hitting up on the ball. Both of these have added 1.5 clubs in the irons and +15 yards with the driver.
 Hmm, I am suspicious of this comment because we can agree at other positions (A2 or A4 for example) what is square and what is not. This is why I am wondering about A5.  Good observation. I can do some more study to see if there is correlation to this theory.
Lately I have been looking at different players and their position at A5. Particularly players clubface position. The question for the experts @iacas and @mvmac is what is considered square at A5. Robert Rock looks to me to be open at A5. Jason Dufner is fractionally more closed that Rock but still open by my definition. So my questions are:       1. Are my assumptions about the clubface (open/square) right? 2. What is the affect of a closed clubface at A5? 3. What...
 Almost every person that I have talked with has the exact same response when I asked them how they liked it. It seems that everyone who has tried it for the most part likes it. Every beginner I asked loved it. Thought it was a great way to start learning. I would encourage people to try it before making any judgements.
Yes, and, they are trying to work on it. They will especially in the Premier League give yellow cards to players who obviously flop. In addition the league office will likely apply a fine to diver as in the NFL when you have an illegal hit. I think since these have been instituted there is far less diving then before. The challenge remains that scoring a goal is really really hard. So the strikers have learned they can get an easy goal by flopping. 
You have a pretty nice swing. I think you need to get the correct camera angles for us to really help you analyze your swing. This is a bit off to the side and I would like to see a down the line swing to confirm some things. I recommend you read this good article on filming your swing. Record some swing and post them here.   http://thesandtrap.com/b/playing_tips/filming_your_swing
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