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This is a very good thread. Certainly I have used the phrase throw like a girl. I have not yet had the chance to use it with my daughter and now I will know not too.   I can remember a few years ago (10 or so) there was a revolt in my town about whether or not it was polite to hold a door open for a women. That it somehow meant that she couldn't hold the door open herself. Luckily all this died down and people came to their senses to realize that chivalry did not have to...
If I am flying domestically (basically less than 5 hours) then I will not recline. If I am on an international flight (5-13 hours) then I may recline. Probably about 50% of the time. I will always return to the upright position when food comes. I hate when someone reclines and I can barely eat because I bump my head in their reclined seat. 
I guess that ESPN thought I was planning on running the option this season. I have the full wishbone offense going on over here.
I meant ESPN. Sorry.
 Gonna probably be pretty hard to do. Many of the sports athletes who live in SJ, 49ers, Sharks, Earthquakes, live in that neighborhood. 
All I know is the Yahoo pre-draft gave me a plethora of running backs. It seems every pick was a running back. I have Cam Newton as my QB. I think Carolina wins every game 6-3 so I doubt I will be any good.
I joined. It took me a few minutes to understand now the team naming thing worked but I got that under control.
Still working out the extension piece. There is progress. Painfully slow, but progress.  
This is really excellent stuff. Thank you for posting to show us how it is done.   Have you considered to have a way to track our SV scores over time? Something like Scorecard but with SV analysis per round, per hole, etc.
 I think this would be a great fit. Trouble is I thought Sean would be a great fit also. Grant might not be enough of a change from Sean I guess would be the only negative I could think of.
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