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There are like 10 on the internet showing how to get the stimp from the aimpoint class. John Graham has the best one in my opinion.
Well, I thought when Tiger and Foley hooked up they were going to dominate together. So, I hope that Chris can have some success with Tiger. It is really hard to tell if Tiger is a easy person to teach. I suspect not. I think in his early years with Butch he was but now he may not be. This is the big challenge that Chris faces in my opinion. Getting Tiger to focus and work on the key pieces. When Tiger is focused on a plan is when he is at his best.
 The comments on his blog are noise. They say everything from he is a crap human being to he is going to be walking stride for stride with Tiger. I would advise him to ignore most of the comments on his blog because you just never know who is commenting.  I could make an argument that he should have gone to 10-15 different professionals and ask all of them how they would teach a beginner from scratch. After interviewing as many people as he could, decide the best way...
Question for you @mvmac, do you think that Bubba will be as good at 45 years old as David Toms was? I just wonder if Bubba can maintain his swing at 45 with the way that he swings at the ball. David's swing is classical and can be maintained well until 45 and likely a successful career upcoming on the senior tour.   I am interested in your thoughts. 
 The idea which he started with was that he should start at the hole and progressively move backwards. This idea was not Dan's. It was the pro who he first sought out for advice. Dan would later drop him and admit that the strategy of starting with putting one foot putts was a bad one. I don't think we should knock Dan for this. He knew nothing about golf walked up to a professional golfer and asked him the best way to improve. The pro said start from the hole and move...
Really really good post particularly the portion of what good students do versus the bad ones. As a student I would like to know more about what the good ones do versus the bad ones. Really great to see that difference.
He should get a job at a golf course. Picking up balls on the range, cleaning carts, whatever. It won't pay much but he can get free golf, free range balls, etc.
Equipment: Flat or Upright? Shoes: Spikes or Spikeless (allowing you to overturn the rules of most courses) X-Stiff or Senior Flex (which direction would you recommend for a golfer given he is between either)     If I think of more I will add.
Hmm, I am pretty sure I like to avoid. At times in a softball league I was in I would often hope that I was not the batter who would come to the plate with a chance to win the game, either hoping we would win before or lose before it came to me. I did not want to be the final batter.    I will say, as I have aged I have found that I am starting to like the spotlight a bit more. Still not as much as others, but more then when I was a kid. 
Both @beachcomber and @iacas used the GoPro. The camera is pretty good, but the barrel distortion is too much in my opinion. The camera can be tough to aim unless you buy the LCD separately. Also hard to edit at the range also.I would not recommend spending the money for a golf swing only. If your kid wants to use it for extreme sports or whatever kids video now then it might do as a double agent. But I would recommend going a different direction for a golf swing camera.
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