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@mvmac aren't his hips a little more open on the right? Actually there are many things to like about his swing on right. The hip position as well as the better right arm position (it is not THAT much better, but still better). Is the position on the right the latest swing?
I think that you are right that he will need to make a change if he wants to compete at the level he is at now. However, I don't agree with the timeline. I think he has 15-17 years to compete with this swing rather than the 10 @iacas claimed.    I also wonder why getting the right elbow more in-front of him would cause him to be less dynamic. What is the thought for that logic? He doesn't need to look like Dustin Johnson but why not going in that direction help him be...
I think you will be hard pressed to find a teacher who would be willing to teach you how to swing the club like Bubba does. His swing is much closer to one you would find in a long drive competition. So rather than saying you want to learn to swing the club like Bubba maybe you could tell your professional that you would like to learn how to swing like a long drive champion.    The drawback is that most long drive champions only need to hit the grid (or golf course,...
We do vans for our guys trip and it works out fine. Guys wait at the airport for a couple of hours or if someone is totally cockeyed then they take a taxi. But once a few people buy their flights everyone tries to get close.
I like some of the work he has done and some of it I don't care for. I like grantland but I think I mostly like the writers. That said the idea of grantland is pretty good and coming up with it is a stroke of genious. I like 30 for 30 but recently I haven't liked it quite as much. I think ESPN can certainly survive without him. They have seen stars come and go like Dan Patrick but still soldier on.
@iacas did @NatalieB play the larger holes? I read that kids new to the game really like playing the larger holes. I know my daughter did, she is a bit younger than Natalie though.
Kinda shows me what I had suspected that my short game is pretty good and my long game needs work.  
This is an interesting situation.   The rule itself might need to be reviewed. Maybe they don't allow the reporter to tape for more than a certain length of time, but they might allow some live streaming to at least go on.    However, a rule is a rule and she broke it more than once. I just don't buy the excuse she is giving that she didn't know it was wrong. BS. She had video of a practice round before that they asked her to take down, she was again taking video...
My turn...   My name is Michael, I chose Michael over Mike because Mike/Michael is a really popular name for my age group. Most Mike/Michael's go with Mike so I like to go with Michael. I am 36 and I am in the process of moving from the Bay Area to the Portland area (Vancouver to be exact). I have a 4 year old daughter. I work in high tech marketing, mostly until now in semiconductors but now more component manufacturing. If you want to know what I spend all day at work...
I am going to sign up right now. This is a great contest.   http://www.gamegolf.com/player/mchepp
New Posts  All Forums: