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Excellent find @cedrictheo! I wish you posted more. I have no idea why Game Golf would allow you to do this. Unless they plan to make this an in app purchase. I think I will stick to the tapping because I hate carrying around my phone and wouldn't want to bother during putting.
The Bubba sequence with his son is outstanding. Even if it is fake it is a great story.
I didn't think it was rude. I was just trying to explain why it was taking so long. I said the working comment with a touch of sarcasm.I did ask about tournaments but the answer was very simple. He just doesn't have the money to be entering them. If it were up to him he would go down to Arizona in the winter and play in a bunch of them. But no funds. The financial aspect is a big issue to getting into more tournaments.
I am converting the interview from what he said on to paper. Should take me a few more days then it will be in the Thrash Talk blog. Sorry it is taking so long. I have a regular job you know. ūüėÄ
 You are likely to face many people telling you that you cannot do it, I think you'd better get used to it.  You say it is cold, when there is a reality you will face as you get older the world can at times be a very cold place. So @Shorty splashed some cold water on you, from time to time in your life that is going to happen. I recommend you use at motivation. A reminder to yourself on days when you don't feel like practicing that you are going to prove him and everyone...
I have a couple of questions.   1. How does Gears Golf measure torque? Seems like an awful hard thing to do. 2. Who was the model for this experiment. Mulitple PGA Tour players? Hard to tell from the article.   Probably won't get answers, but Golf Magazine doesn't care if I get better anyways.
  Yes it is too late. We met yesterday morning.  I asked him why some of the comments don't make it to the blog. He told me he has a neighbor that does a comic strip in a newspaper and his advice to Dan was to not pay attention to comments from people he doesn't know. I think that is a reasonable thing to do considering you have no idea the background of someone commenting. He said if he was going to take someones advice it would be over the phone or in person. He said he...
Which hard hitting question did I miss? I tried to ask what everyone here asked. Give me a few hard hitting ones.Yes, record on my iPhone.
The interview with Dan is planned for the morning tomorrow. I will also be giving him a Lowest Score Wins book. I am actually looking forward to meeting with him to ask these questions and get to know him personally rather than reading his blog. For those that did, thank you for submitted questions.   I have consolidated the questions into the list below. I am sure that many of these questions will lead to follow up questions so I am not sure I will get all the way...
@Big C what are you working on specifically? It would be good to know your current priority piece.
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