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About 15 years ago Callaway offered an illegal version of the ERC driver. I tried it, but did not notice much in the way of distance improvement so I went back to the conforming driver. Currently I play in too many tournaments so I would rather not be switching driver in and out of my bag. So I voted no.
This is good news. Frank is very good so it will be great to see more of him. 
Jerry Rice plays the most out of all of these guys but not sure how the format works to know how to determine who is the best pick.
Great find. Thanks for posting. The angle isn't great but would be interested to hear @mvmac 's thoughts.
 Hmm. Not sure I agree here. At the end of this he will have no savings and 5 years of working experience lost. Basically he has spent a good part of his retirement so when he is in his 60's or 70's he will have to keep working because he lost these 5 years not only not saving, but spending his retirement.  This is one of those things that looks fun until he is older.
This is such a strange story. I wonder if we will get more details. Hawaii is not a big island and people know each other pretty well, likely someone knows more about this story.
How secure are the plugs at the end of the club? Since they contain a bluetooth chip they must be pretty pricy to replace. Do you need to go back and edit your rounds? Like how accurate is it?   Can you share some screen thoughts?   Looking forward to hearing your review.
Hmm, seems like a home speaker version of Siri.
Look forward to hearing your thoughts.
This may be my problem as well. I will try it on the side during my next round.
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