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Every time I go to the range I bring my 15th club, my camera. I typically won't bother to go to the range without it because it helps me so much. Occasionally I see someone else, but it is super rare. I get a few looks but I don't even notice them anymore.
Simple answer is yes, as many have said. For me, it motivated me to find people who are knowledgeable. Any time you meet an instructor you should probe to see if they know their stuff. You can start with this article I posted below to find out what kind of pro you are dealing with. I don't think you need to ask all of them the first time you meet, but probe. Maybe ask 3 and if he gets them right take one lesson and ask a few more. You should have a good idea of what kind...
I am just under 35, but, I made some major improvements in the last 2-3 years. When starting my job 12-15 years ago I went through a huge amount of stagnation. I was stuck at 9-11 handicap and was going nowhere. Then after the kid and wife started to get into a routine and spending a ton of time learning about the golf swing I got much better. I now am 5-7.   So my point is you can improve but it is going to take some work and a family that accepts you working on your...
I have been playing with a Ping K15 12 degree driver with a 3 wood shaft for a while now as an alternative to 3 wood. I think this is a great idea by TaylorMade.
I have played a couple of times in Japan and all over Asia. The biggest difference that I can tell you of is that golf in Asia is an all day event. They play 9, many times take a break eat something, then play nine more. Then a shower, eat a full meal and drink a beer. That means for you plan to have drinks and or lunch after the round and don't plan to hurry of. Then take them to dinner either at the club or at a nice place. The actual golf is pretty much the same.
Hi Beedee, First off welcome to the SandTrap. There are a number of places on here that will help you with S&T including a monster thread which you should look through here.         You should also browse around threads with 5SK as well.    After doing some reading and you are still struggling post your swing in the my swing section here for some help.
I too hate the phrase release, but if forced I would describe it as a sequence of power accumulators such as 4,1,2,5,3, not a single accumulator.
I suggest getting a higher lofted driver. Try a 12 degree driver. I think you will find a nice balance between the accuracy you are looking for and the distance you want. EDIT: Also a shorter shaft as a possibility as well.
It was a mistake in the url that gave it away. Great effort!
BIG pull hooks. Like 10-15 yards off line. Usually with the long irons 4-5-6, but can creep into the lower ones. 3 wood and driver both do the same. I am wondering if my right shoulder is too high causing me to straighten the right arm too fast and close down the face. It is the only thing I can see.
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