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Some more swings from today.     Still struggling with letting my head move backwards.   Green dot is A1 Blue is A4 Orange is A6 Red is A7 Yellow is A8
For me it was Greg Norman. I watched the British Open in 86 and decided I wanted to try golf. I then told my mom I wanted to play and my aunt had a boyfriend who was a serious golfer. He took me out to play and I loved it. Been hooked ever since.
New swing. Not much to say other than I continue to work on the same things and progress remains slow.  
Is he still playing baseball? Last I heard he was in the minors for the Cubs. Maybe golf can be his new passion.
 I am inclined to agree with @FarawayFairways, that the author of the article was looking for a bit more sizzle and took some liberty to twist it to say all time Tiger. Monty may like Rory more and therefore may be biased towards Rory because of the European connection, but not enough to claim that Rory's two majors are even in the same conversation as 2000. I like Colin on TV. He is pretty good at it and I hope we get to see him during the majors on the GC.
I have the Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7b and I like them. They are not better in terms of performance than the Bose, but they do the job and are considerably less expensive.
 The 49ers call was way worse than this one. This is at least a hard hit with his head snapping back. I agree the above one was incorrect, and should not have been called, but the 49ers call decided the game and was orders of magnitude less severe of a hit. I doubt the 49ers were going to win anyways, but a touchdown ended the game.
Are the audio technica ATH-M50 active noise canceling? I didn't think so.
I don't know contention, but the book is really clear on how to improve.  If you remember early on Erik did an analysis of one of his rounds giving himself a grade for each separation value on each hole. This will help you identify which areas you need to work on, especially if you analyze 5-10 rounds. Once you have this analysis you can decide what you will go work on first. This is what I do. For me it is the driver. It was killing me, but in the last few months I have...
@Lihu why do you not think this answer comes from reading Lowest Score Wins? Isn't your question exactly what the book was trying to answer? I feel the separation value concept identifies where are the most valuable areas for your to work on to improve your score.   Do you not feel that way?
New Posts  All Forums: