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Great photos. Thanks for sharing.
What has been interesting about this story is how people are reacting that this towing company that she had the tirade against has an extremely poor customer service record. Some people have said they have been frustrated by them also.   It doesn't justify the personal comments, but it is funny how now people are coming to her defense a little now.
 To take this one step further, what I would like to see on my home course is a miss bias. What I mean is if I am playing this hole hitting my driver in the right rough all the time, or hitting my approach to a particular bunker, or something along these lines. So for example letting me see my driving performance or approach performance on specific holes at my home course.
I will be purchasing a dozen of these. I am looking forward to trying them.
 I have heard discussions like this but like you I don't really understand it all that well. I do know that for all the golf courses in California it is a big deal on how to handle water. I do think think year you will see some courses close because they cannot handle losing all the grass. Many courses cannot afford to bring the recycled water out to the course. Here is a shot from Pasatiempo last year, likely in August it will look this way again. Just no way to manage...
$479 Retail price (after the pledging is done) seems on the steep side.   I like the watch stand by itself. That is pretty cool.
Still working on the same thing. I seem to conquer it during some sessions and lose it during other. Just isn't second nature yet. If it is the only thing I think about it can look good. Today I tried to work on increasing my shoulder turn. Interestingly I unknowingly started to lift my left foot on the backswing. Doesn't seem like a big deal so I am not worried about it.  
 Ouch! The editor has it now. Should be out soon. It is not ideal, but it has absolutely zero impact on his improvement or whether or not he will succeed.
Wente used to host a Nike, Nationwide, Web.com,  whatever it is called these days event. The Wine Makers Classic and the winning score was very high. I think it was typically won at -3 something like that. It is a great test and a great course. I highly recommend it.    Poppy Ridge is nice but sort of boring. Wente has a few great holes.
It just might be the best finishing hole I have played. Pebble's is slightly better because the history the course has, but this one is very close behind it. I agree, wow is the best way to describe it.   It is sort of funny, the Ocean course is a better 18 holes to play, but that finishing hole on the Old is spectacular.
New Posts  All Forums: