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  What you need is an interceptor. http://www.popsci.com/rapere-anti-drone-interceptor
I travel a fair amount. I also have a small child, she is 4 now.    Pre-kid, in my younger days I traveled an enormous amount of my job. 50+%. I would take 2 week trips to Asia, 3 week around the world trips. Really long trips. No way I could do that now. Would put too much stress on my wife.   I think that if the travel is within the US, which means you won't be gone for weekends, there is family to help your wife, then this is a no brainer. You should definitely take...
 Abman's problem in my opinion is he is working from feels. He tells you constantly things he "feels". Chasing feels is like chasing the end of the rainbow. It is a exciting feeling but it is fleeting and can disappear at any time (as it appears it does for him). 
 Does doing the Trackman combine count? All kidding aside, I asked him this question. Well. Maybe not exactly this question but something similar about how he was going about deliberate practice. His answer was not inspiring. Because I think he doesn't know how to go about practice. Erik has said this before, and it is true. But even if he had a practice plan he is not the type of person to detail out what he is doing. That is just not his personality. He is much more of...
 Guessing you have never been to Portland.
Welcome to TST. Seems you have some smart friends. Look around and be sure to participate as much as possible.
 Your examples actually show how hard it is for an amateur to win. Once in contention we have seen a number of amateurs fall back. Still, I think it is easier for an amateur to "luck" into a win at a US Open or something where all sorts of madness ensued. They will of course had to play well for four days, but as you mentioned it is not unheard of. Winning four majors in a row is no luck.
 Yeah, the same thing happens to me also. I don't think it is just your issue.
Now you are talking! I would be excited about this.
  I have played there many times and played many a round in the fierce winds. A beast is a good description. Your shot on 17 impressed me. The wind there can play havoc, I have hit everything from Wedge to 4 iron depending on the wind. 
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