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2nd hole at a tougher course, 183 yard downhill par 3 with a green on top of a hill below. Hit an easy 4H that drew with the wind and landed pin high 2 feet from the hole. Easy birdie (I've never made one so early in a round)
I was on the 18th hole at my course, which is a long downhill par 5 about 530 yards long, tree-lined. I hit an okay tee shot that found the centre of the fairway, then hit the best 3 wood shot I've ever hit in my life. Perfect contact, perfect swing, perfect everything plus I didn't even feel the ball when I hit. The ball went about 270 yards which is longer than most of my drives. I ended up parring the hole after an 80 yard chip and two-putt.
I purchased a Cobra BiO Cell Driver from a golf store in my area (Golf Town for any of you who know it) in August of last year. I love the driver and it's helped me so much with my driving. I would highly recommend it.   A few days ago, I'm on the 1st tee at my local course. I pull out the BiO Cell, take a swing, and the clubhead completely snaps off and flies ahead. Luckily I was able to find the head. The club snapped just above the hosel.   I've heard of other...
12th hole at a public course near me (par 3 138 yards): The hole is on top of a hill surrounded by forest and trees that run away down the hill. The pin is on the left side of the green so I decide to hit a draw over a few trees, but end up pushing ball deep into the downhill forest. I manage to find my ball and hit a SW through trees and up the hill onto the right fringe, about 40 foot away. I make the putt for a very unlikely par.
Been playing for over 5 years and have holed out from the bunker several times, but have never gotten an eagle. This year hopefully...
Just wait for the cart girl or marshall to pull up behind you, then hit your shots. That does it for me.
Final hole of my home course (par 4 379 yards), I hit my 2nd shot right of the green under a tree, near the trunk. I walk over to the ball and I can't even make a swing or chip with my wedge. There's also a little hill I had to get over and the green's sloping down and away from me. I'm about 50 feet away from the hole.   So I take out my 3 wood, aim for the little hill, and take a small jab at the ball. It comes out from under the tree, hits off the hill and bounces up...
I was putting on the 3rd hole par 4 389 yards at a new course in my area (first round of the year). I have a huge downhill putt, maybe 35 feet, to save par but I completely mis-read the slope and the ball ends up almost off the green, barely any closer to the hole. I line up again and sink the uphill putt for bogey.
Interlocking grip if I want to hit the ball nice. Baseball grip if I want to show off my wicked high slice to my friends.
Chipping and putting practice for sure and occasionally a small bucket of balls if I have some extra time.
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