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Picked up a new grip for my SW.   Fact: The grip cost half the price of the SW itself. It's a cheap SW, but hands down my favourite/best club.
On a short par 4, I hit a 300 yard drive to the right edge of the green, but pin high.
Thanks for the suggestions! I haven't heard of most of those courses, I'll definitely have to check them out.   I have heard a lot about Eagle's Nest though. It seems like a pretty good course but I'm not sure if it's worth the price. Apparently weekday rates during the summer are around $200 and closer to $150 on the weekends.
Short hitter here and from the start, I'm definitely not hitting the green in two.   From the whites, I'd definitely start with a driver. Assuming I hit the ball nice and straight (about a 240 yard drive), I'd be left with about 275 yards to the hole and maybe about 210 yards from the front of the water.   Now it's decision time. I hit about 200 with my 3W, so depending on how the fairway slopes going towards the water (i.e. sloping down towards the water), I'd either...
To all my fellow Ontario golfers, I've been looking for a decent links course in Ontario for a while now, with no luck. Have any of you played any good links courses in Ontario/GTA?
I think motorcycle revving is counter-clockwise rotation (so extension I guess), whereas palmar flexion is clockwise rotation.   Whichever one it is, the direction of "revving" became clear to me when I tried it out on my club, i.e. revving so that the club face becomes closed.
The British Open for the reason stated above. Links golf in general forces players to hit different styles of shots and be more creative (I personally think not enough links golf is played on tour). Add in the fact that it's a major and you're in for some exciting rounds of golf.
Thanks for the diagram @boogielicious. Since I'm a lefty though I would be rotating or "revving" with my right hand (I think). I'm planning on heading out to a range this weekend to try out this new technique and hopefully make a swing video. Will let everyone know how it goes and hopefully I'll be able to put up a video!
I never thought about rotating my wrists @hlca. I'll try it out next time I'm at the range. Hopefully it works for me too!
Same here, spot on for me, especially with the mid-irons (predicted value of 7I was withing 1 yard of my actual 7I distance).
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