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I keep a small keychain of the logo of my favourite course attached to the ring of my bag. It serves as a reminder to get back and play that course as often as possible.
Welcome Richard! Great to see another Ontarian golfer on the forum. I need to get myself one of those Clublink memberships, so many nice courses are part of it.
The occasional Montecristo Edmundo, especially on a nice summer's day, hits the spot for me.
Yeah it definitely hit hard all right (in the middle of it now). I drove by one of my home courses earlier today and it broke my heart seeing it under inches of snow again. Someday this will all melt! :)
Front Right: cell phone, tees, occasionally a scorecard Front Left: change, green fees receipt, wallet. Nothing in the back pockets, but once and a while a ball marker/divot repair tool on the belt. I'm thinking of taking most of that stuff out, since I think it's throwing off alignment a bit.
Welcome to the forum Stephane! Hopefully this snow clears soon so the golf season can start!
My friend wanted me to post this one: Years ago, me and my friend were golfing at our first "real" 18 hole par 72 course (we were about 13 years old). We're on the 15th hole, a par 5 505 yards up a pretty big hill. My friend lines up his driver and just cranks it dead straight, easily clearing the hill. We walk over to the top of the hill and can't find his ball. After a few minutes, the Marshall drives over to us and tells my friend his ball is about 150 yards further...
1-Graeme McDowell 2-Dustin Johnson 3-Jason Day 4-Brandt Snedeker 5-Luke Donald
I hit a little shorter than most, so most of the times I use a 56* SW or a 50* wedge from that range, adjusting my swing for yardage and the lie.
Probably 15 of my last 20 rounds have been at "home" courses that I play often. I see what you mean about variety in different courses, Gunther. A few summers ago, me and my golfing buddies decided to go on a "Golf Blitz" as they put it. We basically had to see how many different courses we could play in July. We ended up playing about 15 new courses. It was a cool experience, teeing it up and not knowing anything about the course or each hole, aside from yardage. It...
New Posts  All Forums: