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SW nearly all the time, but occasionally I'll hit a 64* wedge, all depending on the situation. I used to bump and run the ball a lot more around the greens with a 7I, or the occasional 4H if it was a long green. But I find I'm more accurate (AKA likely to hole it) chipping with a SW rather than bump and running.
I usually take my headcovers off as I need them during the round and they don't go back on until the end of the round. Often times though when they're all off they clunk around as the golf cart moves. I hate that noise so I think I'm gunna start putting my headcovers back on after I use each club (except for the driver maybe, which I use so often).
A few years ago I was out with my golfing buddy who had just gotten the new R11 driver (I was amazed by it haha!). We're on the 10th hole (par 4 386 yards, dead straight) at our home course and I asked my bud if I could give the R11 a whack. There's another twosome behind us, waiting. One of the guys is standing near the sign for the hole that tells you the yardage, shape of the hole, etc. It just so happens to be made of metal... We're playing from the back tees, so the...
I had a question about stiffness of shafts and found TST after a few Google searches. Like Bill, I wasn't really looking for a forum to post on, but one post led to another and I've pretty much stuck around since.
My cheap 56* SW. One of the cheapest things I've ever bought at a golf store, but I can't even count the number of times it's saved me over the years (i.e. chip-ins, nice shots close to the hole from bunker/rough/fairway, etc).
An average round playing with my regular golfing buddy (~same handicap as me) usually takes about 3.5-4 hours with a cart. I never played alone yet, but I'd say it would probably take me at most 2 hours.   We usually play during off peak times, so we play relaxed golf. That being said, if we see the group behind starting to catch up, we'll pick things up or let them through, never slowing anyone down. I personally don't see the point in rushing around a golf course,...
In general, the 40' chip for me, only because I've holed more chips than putts from that range (although I do get more opportunities to chip than putt from that range). I feel more confident with a chip than a long putt too.   Really though, it all depends on the situation. If it's an easy green with little slope, then I'll putt. If I'm off the green and the green's pretty tough, then I'll chip.
I chose 15-17. I could see most players benefiting from having an extra wedge, hybrid, or driving iron in their bag. Or another driver if you're Mickelson...
Picked up a new grip for my SW.   Fact: The grip cost half the price of the SW itself. It's a cheap SW, but hands down my favourite/best club.
On a short par 4, I hit a 300 yard drive to the right edge of the green, but pin high.
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