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Cranked a 3 wood high, dead straight, over trees, and 250 yards on a par 4. That's longer than most of my drives!
Shot a 91 (47/44) at a local par 72 course (69.2/115) that included an 8-hole bogey streak on the back nine. It was one of my more consistent rounds, but I would have shot at least 5 shots lower if my putting and chipping was better.
And that's exactly my point, it's not even his fault!
Of course you are, but I'm talking about the times where you're just playing for the heck of it. (AKA when no one else is behind you and you're just playing for fun), that's when I'd re-hit one without penalty.
Simple question to everyone here, who do you think is the most consistent player on tour (PGA, European, LPGA, etc.) in terms of leaderboard position?   For me it's Jason Day. It always seems like he's within a few shots of the lead whenever he's playing a tournament (especially majors)
Tiger, just because I hate how whenever he's playing in a tournament all the commentators focus on just him and no one else.
If I hit a bad shot or shank a ball into an out of bounds area, I'll occasionally drop another ball and retake the shot, but only if there is no one behind me and I'm sure I won't be holding up anyone. I'd be pretty mad if I saw someone drop a ball in front of me while I was waiting on the tee box.
4th hole (par 4, 400 yards) at a new course I was trying out. I hit a long drive that goes just right into a bunch of pine trees. I get to my ball about 145 yards away from the hole and see that I have no direct shot to the green, just a small opening in the tree trucks about 6 feet wide and about 30 feet away from me, right of the flag. I'm on a slight downhill lie also, but I hit a 7I dead centre through the gap. The ball flies out and over the trees in front with just a...
My worst one came just a week ago. 10th hole at a super-tough course (Woodington Lake - Legend course). The hole is about 430 yards long in a sort've hockey stick shape (goes straight then turns slightly right and starts going uphill to the green, with massive downhill slopes protecting the green). I hit my first drive and it's left OB. I take another drive and it just catches the left rough, but on a bad downhill lie about 200 yards to the hole. I hit a 3H and nearly fall...
The Golf Town in my area had the BiO Cell driver alone for $200, so I'd say it's a pretty good deal.
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