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87 (42/45) at a tougher championship course in my area that consisted of 4 pars and one chip-in birdie. All thanks to some impromptu good short game shots!
14th hole Par 5 498 yards dead straight with a protected green surrounded by greenside bunkers. I hit a good drive to the centre of the green about 250 yards away. I top a 3W next, then hit a 9I into the right edge of the bunker. I'm a lefty so I now have to hit my bunker shot from outside the bunker. I bend down and hit. The ball flies out of the bunker, bounces once, then bounces straight into the hole for an unlikely birdie.
Rough hands down, as long as the lie was good. I always find it easier to get under the ball in the rough compared to the fairway.
42 for a quick nine on the front of my local muni course. Thought I was playing a links course with all the weather changes throughout the round (cold, wet for the first few holes, to hot and humid for the middle, to cool and breezy for the closing holes). My game wasn't too bad though and I made most fairways and good contact all day long.
92 (49-43) at my local course (on a newer front nine) in the coolest/windiest weather I've ever played in (almost-gale force winds were pretty much constant on most holes). Made better contact with all my clubs though, but my short game was all over the place. I guess the wind really threw me off on the first nine.
~14th hole 160 yard par 3, downhill slightly. I top a 6 iron badly and the ball rolls down the hill maybe 40 yards or so. I then hit a beautiful pitching wedge to within two feet and tap in for an unlikely par.
Shot a 93 (47-46) for my first round of the season. Driver/iron play was all over the place, but I managed to come back with a few good chips and putts to pull off a decent round.
I keep a small keychain of the logo of my favourite course attached to the ring of my bag. It serves as a reminder to get back and play that course as often as possible.
Welcome Richard! Great to see another Ontarian golfer on the forum. I need to get myself one of those Clublink memberships, so many nice courses are part of it.
The occasional Montecristo Edmundo, especially on a nice summer's day, hits the spot for me.
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