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Lately I have been doing a lot of reading on the golf forums about golf swing techniques etc. It amazes me how many people will not try something just because of a "Gimmick Name" it was given for marketing purposes. Whether it be Gravity Golf, 5 Simple Keys, Stack and Tilt, etc. Some of the most enjoyable times I have with golf are trying new things. If they work great, if they don't great. What works for me and by body type, age, athletic ability, might not work as well...
What goes around comes around.........or something along those lines. Just a quick update on what has happened with the new season starting.   I tried to get right back into my "Swing the Club" not "Hit the ball" mode from the get go, and things didn't go well. I noticed at the end of last season my lower back was having lots of problems dealing with the torque being developed by initiating my downswing with all lower body. I mean it was hurting all the time after I...
Louis Oosthuizen -13 Kevin Streelman -11 Ryan Moore -11
Just giving this a bump for the new golf season. I am getting cabin fever myself, so maybe someone can get some use out of this post!
Hey Nighthawk, thanks for suggesting Fred Shoemaker's book. I read some reviews and it seems much like what I am trying to do right now. STOP FOCUSING ON TRYING TO HIT THE BALL!   I ordered it from Amazon for 11 dollars or so. I waste that much on cokes each week, so couldn''t resist it for the price. Sounds a lot like what Paul teaches.    By the way, have had Paul's book for a month or so, nice read, but actually like his website better. Ignition Golf. It just...
The only compensation I need is that I hope it saves someone a little time and frustration in their golf journey. I have to admit it was kind interesting writing and then reading how mine has played out so far. I wish I would have had the Internet 20 years ago when I started!
Thanks Champ, It took a while to write, but you were exactly the type person I was hoping to help and maybe save some frustration!
My guess is most of you on this site are like me. I love golf, playing, watching, and reading about it. I am constantly perusing this site, other sites, youtube, and reading books to improve at this crazy game. I don’t have an instructor in my town, and probably wouldn’t have the funds or time to see one on a regular basis anyway. I know in a perfect world, one without kids, jobs, etc., that consistent lessons are the best way to probably get better. I have been playing...
Best Shows Of All Time for me!   OLDER SHOWS Dexter Breaking Bad Sopranos The Wire Parenthood Coach King of Queens Everybody Loves Raymond   NEWER SHOWS Homeland House of Cards (Netflix) Boss Justified Raising Hope Walking Dead Game of Thrones
The second swing is better. It is much more on plane. You come back outside in the top swing and the face of the club is pointing skyward. I would take either one myself!
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