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They've worked well. They are definitely lasting longer than the normal spikes. I was honestly hoping they'd be a wear a little slower than they do, but they're fine. I'm about 15-20 rounds in and they're still good enough. So an improvement. I would say 4 out of 5 stars.
I have not hit the Mizuno, but I can say the TM is more forgiving than the Titleist.
Depends on your needs and the courses you play. Some things to consider: Do you need to fill a gap between your PW and SW? Would you use your 52 to chip? Do you find yourself needing to hit a flop often? Are you comfortable controlling distance on partial shots with your PW? For me, I chose the gap. I have about a 25-30 yd gap between my PW and SW. I also LOVE to chip with my 52. For my course, I manage fine with my 56. Every now and then I wish I had a 60 (maybe...
if you make the drive you can use it right away :) i personally HATE waiting for things in the mail i'm excited for
Try some stronger hybrids too. May give you more versatility if you don't hit the fairway. On a launch monitor, I was able to hit a 17 degree hybrid within 5-10 yds of my 3 wood. Slight loss in distance, a lot more accuracy and consistency.
Make sure to hit some lag putts. It's easy to find a number of putters you feel comfortable at hitting from 10 feet out. I find that you can start to really tell what putters work for you and what do not on long putts (30+ feet). If you can control the distance from afar, you have a winner. I also recommend trying on a real green before purchasing if possible.
I have been gaming the R7's for three seasons now. I love them. I have the stock shaft - and yes it's a little whippy. But overall I find them very forgiving irons and I find my distance is pretty consistent. The shaft on my 6I was bent, so I decided to try DGS300 on it. I pick it up from Golfsmith tomorrow, and will try it out on the range/course this weekend. If that goes well, I may replace all the shafts with DG's. I'm debating getting a new set, but I really...
Have you looked at the Bridgestone e7? They're $27, but it's just $2 more. I would personally recommend checking out lostgolfballs.com. You'll find lots of threads with good reviews on this forum. It is one avenue to play a better ball at a lower price point.
I've never owned a Scotty, but I've demoed a few on real greens. I will say they felt better to me than any other putter I tried. It was easy to be consistent. For me, they weren't THAT much better than some putters I tried at half the price. I love my Ping, it was a close second to SC. So while I've never owned a Scotty, I can certainly understand why folks love them.
I only have played the Burner TP's a few holes with balls I've found, but I don't like them at all. I found them too hard. If prices were equal, I would chose the NXT Tour over the Burner TP's, but I would pick the Red (or Black if it's your preference) over the NXT Tour.
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