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I've used the Nike Mojo and have used some Karma's. I'd like to try some Titilist NXT's though. I'll move to the ProV's maybe when i have more confidence. Right now, as expensive as they are I think I would cry every time i hit one that didn't come back. Aznando
Never played Ft. Bragg but Ft. Huachuca is pretty nice. Also have had some good experiences with the Air Force bases in Arizona. I'm looking forward to trying out some of the Navy courses in San Diego when i get back from Iraq. I never played Ft. Sill, was just there for a short time for a course so didn't even bother to bring the clubs. Aznando
I've played there a few times, I'll never look at the 2nd hole the same again :) Weirdest thing that has happend to me, wasn't that weird, but I was actually at the former AF base on the East side of town and on the 9th hole i was about 60 yards away trying to hit a wedge. I didn't get under it at all hit a terrible shot that was sure to fly over the green. Just at that moment a bird was standing on the front of the green started to fly and my ball hit the bird. ...
I think i'm getting old. The new style looks dumb IMO. I know that's the style of some kids these days. Long hair, skinny jeans, wearing "military caps", but it looks kinda rediculous on the golf course IMO. If you want to make a statement, give me the Payne Stewert style every day of the week :)
Are you serious? When did this start? I used to buy a bunch all the time too, because they were only a dollar. Where do you even get them anymore?
I was hesitant to post in this thread but have read most of it. I tend to ride a cart and the reason being, I normally could only afford to play golf in the summer time in Phoneix and its normally over 100 degrees no matter how early you play. Do I get some sort of bye? I'm thinking of at least getting a push cart so I don't feel like i'm somehow cheating myself of the real experience but i dunno if i'll last 18 holes carrying a bag around when its 105 out and climbing.
I find myself shopping for golf stuff online often. I normaly look at TGW.com and rockbottomgolf.com. Are there any other good places to find good deals online?
I'm looking for the same thing. I plan on taking a trip with the wife to Vegas when I get back from Iraq. I know of the usual suspects, but unless I get some sort of returning from Iraq discount from MGM, I don't think i'm going to be going to one of those facilities. I do want to get a round or two in while the wife is sleeping or hanging out at the pool. Aznando
Besides public speaking gigs, don't these players make a decent amount on PRO-AM events? Aznando
I was going to ask something similar. I have had stand bags in the past, but my wife saw a really nice Staff bag for cheap. She wants to get it for me but i'm not sure. Are these too bulky for the back of the cart? Will I look like a tool using a big staff bag, because well, i'm not very good lol. I just figure most guys who have the leather staff bags are either good or really spend a lot of money on golf. I'm leaning toward telling her to get it and i'll try it...
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