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No........... he's been a great front runner. He's mailed a few in over the years.
Nobody from the Europe should be on here preaching about sports etiquette when they have roving soccer/football gangs going around beating people down before and after matches. Been there and seen it up close.
Why cant people just say that we got beat instead of finding blame. The Euro's smoked us in team play ..... and we ended up making it close in singles. I feel bad for Hunter, because I know what choking feels like. Congrats to the European team. Kudo's to Ricky and Overtone as well, especially since I figured them to be the achilles heel.
Overton......... man o man, my gut feeling about this guys was soooooo wrong. This guy is a Ryder Cupper!
Why dont you keep your smug anti capitalist comments to a Irish/British golf forum. It is pretty ignorant to lump all americans into one catagory.
Just like every time they update a golf ball. For the past 30 years, each new ball has been hailed 5 yards longer. If the advertisements were true.....we wouldnt need any troops in Iraq or Afghanistan. We could bomb the bad guys from our local muni.
Agree..... The Ryder Cup is a virtual cash cow. But at least it has more meaning than a pointless Fedex Cup. Nobody is going to give shit who won the Fedex 5 years from now, but people still rant or cheer about past Ryder Cups.
Although 2 different bodies, they get together and discuss these things. The Fedex cup has everything to do with it. Money and politics will win out over tradition every time these days.
It doesnt help matters either that the Fedex cup has pushed the Ryder Cup into October. The UK is not exactly Palm Springs during this time of year. Huge brain fart in my opinion.
Revealing you're age pards. ;)
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