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went to the store today and i picked up my new ping redwood putter that i ordered last week.
I have one and it's my 3 wood, it doesn't really fit my eye but it's so easy to use that i can't get it out of my bag also really easy to get it up from the ground, overall if you can get use to the square face i would say go for it, it's a great club.
1 vote for footjoy, i have the footjoy synergy and they are great, had the dryjoys before, they where a bit narrow other than that no complain great shoes !!
really really great bag. have had mine for about a year and i absolutely love it !!
i actually change my R5 last year for a ping G15, i've tried many different drivers and compare them to my R5, since i already had a taylor made driver the first one i ask to try was the R9, to be honest i was pretty disapointed, it felt pretty much exactly like my R5 and the numbers on the simulator were about the same for both drivers, i also tried the callaway FT9 and the callaway diablo but again when i took a look a the numbers on the simulator i didn't tought it was...
mine last about a month or so, i hit balls 2 or 3 times a week and play at least 2 rounds weekly.
My record is 4 rounds with my callaway tour'i', still have the ball at home but after the fourth round i've decided to get that poor ball out of play, she was too bang up.
I got myself a brand new skycaddie sg2.5 on ebay for 130$ shipping included, i bought a plan that cost me 35$ a year and i have access to all the courses in my province. Nothing fancy but you have all the information needed to pull out the shot, you should check it out.
i have 2 nike bag and they are very durable the first one i've use for 5 years and i could still use it today but i decided to change last year while i was changing all my equipment, now i have a nike sasquatch carry bag and i've had it for a year, still doesn't show any wear.
I found the proV1 to be a very good ball, but i love the callaway tour i, i don't know about the US but here in Canada last year tour i model goes for 30$ a dozen and i find does more durable then this year model, you should give those a try.
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