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That looks like it will work.
I am of the same mind worth Watney. It is really his putter, but he is putting good this week.
He had problems last year because he switched clubs. I am pretty sure from watching this year that is no longer a problem.
Any team from Boston.  Enough said.  And this hatred just came about in the last couple of years after they experienced success and let it go their collective heads.  Now they are what they hate the most, New York sports fans.  But NY fans have the right to be arrogant with all the championships their teams have won and been a part of.   Take away a video camera and the Patriots are the first team to lose 5 Super Bowl titles!
Welcome to the forum from Loveland.  Hang in there and practice.  You will improve if YOU want to.
The the thing is that even the members at Merion get penalized by the rough.  That is what has made it the course it is for so long.  It really has not changed that much over the years.  It was a true test of the best golfer out there for that week and Justin Rose was that guy.  He deserved to win.  If you watched, what did you think of his last 3 iron shots.  I thought they were very impressive considering the conditions in which they were executed.
I have always been under the policy that a single or two-some has no priority on the golf course.  If I am playing and they are behind me and there is room in front to let them go through and they will actually not impede me, I will let them through.  However, if there are groups ahead of me, even if they are a hole ahead or so, I am not letting them play through.  They can form a foursome at the first tee or get more players to play with them.  Just my opinion and YRMV.
I have been gaming a Ray Cook Blue Goose for years.  It seems I always think I can do better and then end up right back with old reliable.  I have tried various other style putters including many a SC, but there is just something about the way the heel shafted, blades set up for me that appeals to my eyes.   It is up to the individual to find what they think works best for them, there are a ton of that style of putter out there.   Best of luck to the OP and I hope...
Got the opportunity to play in a Pro-Am at Castle Pines today.  I really wish I could have gotten Ggiese to play with me, he being such a stick and all.  But alas, I had to settle for a couple of inferior amateur partners that didn't quite have the work ethic of good ol' George.  But we finished 7th in the team and I finished 11th in the Professional division out of 32 teams.  So it was an OK day and a blast to play that fantastic venue.
I have about 12 pairs of Adidas shoes, all top end and they are the most comfortable golf shoe I have ever worn.   The top end Footjoys are the Dry Joys.
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