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Absolutely. There is nobody on the same field with him. You put Peyton into the Belicheat teams and he wins 6 rings.
Yeah, and that graph doesn't even show diarrhea shock is like #3 on the list.
This disease is easy overblown. Which does not surprise me. We live in a sensational society. Drama gets headlines. That being said, I do believe this is a huge issue in places like India, China, Turkey and other places that have large population base and lack the facilities to tackle this problem.
Nice picture and a beautiful day.
Mental health in this country is a joke. It must be all O's fault.
No, and that won't happen.
Ah, it all comes down to putting.
Find a place you enjoy and do just that.
Avoid big scores. Doubles and triples destroy a round. When in trouble, minimize it at all cost.
New Posts  All Forums: