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I am loving the way the Broncos are playing ball.
And there is the Obama reference. The difference is you are talking about terrorists, we are talking about a virus/bacteria. They don't carry guns and can't swim.
Some people have to have great
Or there was a video camera involved.
Oh thank goodness. Everything is ok until FAUX News drums up something else to freak the masses out.
Absolutely. There is nobody on the same field with him. You put Peyton into the Belicheat teams and he wins 6 rings.
Yeah, and that graph doesn't even show diarrhea shock is like #3 on the list.
This disease is easy overblown. Which does not surprise me. We live in a sensational society. Drama gets headlines. That being said, I do believe this is a huge issue in places like India, China, Turkey and other places that have large population base and lack the facilities to tackle this problem.
Nice picture and a beautiful day.
New Posts  All Forums: