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Find a place you enjoy and do just that.
Avoid big scores. Doubles and triples destroy a round. When in trouble, minimize it at all cost.
66 many years ago. Had a major accident in '09 and can't seem to get mellow a 2 handicap since.
Wow, that is crazy looking.
People have been using Android watches to do this for months now. But, I guess since Apple has it it must be cool.
You can just call the factory and give them the serial #. I find information on line a ton too.
I was there today. It was not pretty and he seemed uninterested after that. Didn't even stick around to sign autographs for the kids. Some days are just like that.
I use an old Ray Cook Blue Goose. Same putter for about 30 years. I have multiple Scottys, but I game this.
I can't believe we have Chamblee on this board.
The club I belong to has the highest membership ever. We have anger 100 guys that are a 5 handicap or better.
New Posts  All Forums: