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  I recently bought a used Scotty Cameron California Series Del Mar (35", LH) from a local dealer who has a very good reputation and I've known for years.  The price was reasonable and I plan on playing with the putter - I'm no collector, but the shaft band has me confused.  I can't find any explanation so far as to what it's meant to be or why it is on there.  Check out the pic, but as you can see it says it is "Custom Built" but has no measurements, etc marked in.  I...
I have several as well, but I have a Matrix X-Con 6 installed in both my Diablo Edge Tour and 909D2 right now.  Fabulous results with both!  
The fella in this thread here did it and it looks OK.   http://thesandtrap.com/forum/thread/43290/who-needs-an-r11-when-you-have-a-can-of-paint   It's still on the first page of this forum.  Give it a read and you might get some tips or opinions.  It's not for me, but it's sure cheaper than buying an R11 or Superfast 2.0!
I've done it and it was worth every penny!  I also play Callaways and I didn't get a hint of a sales pitch at all - he actually recommended the same irons I am using but suggested a stiffer shaft.  Same with my driver.  I don't know which one you're planning on visiting, but the one I went to (Concord, Ontario, Canada) gave me full printouts with my fitting info and recommendations and photos, links to videos of my swing compared to several pros to view side-by-side...
  Filling in the thin lines on the back of the FT insert was surprisingly easy. I thought the texture of the "tunite" would catch all sorts of wiped off paint but it was fine.  This was my first time paint-filling clubs too and I really enjoyed it.  I can't believe the difference in look on the VR wedges going from red/black to green/white!
"Spalding, this calls for the old Billy Baroo. Ooohhh Billy, Billy, Billy." It all makes sense! Did he also find a full-length knit cover up there?
Looks like the link is down already - at least for me it is.
You are right. A lot of tasteless stuff gets said on the course that should probably stay there. I should have left that one in the bag.
When a poor golfer makes an OK shot: "Well, I guess even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while". When you completely miss the ball: "I caught a FISH - F#@& It's Still Here". Chipping in or making a long put for 8+: "That's like winning a gold medal at the Special Olympics".
Awesome shafts. I have 5 so far including 3 Studio line and they're fantastic. So many options for weight and flex even in the lower-priced models too. If you're on Facebook, look them up there - they run a really active page and are great at answering any questions you have. I actually won a hat from them a couple weeks ago and when I called to give them my address I wound up talking to the Sales Director for close to 20 minutes! They're presence on tour is climbing...
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