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You'd think they'd be the favorite then huh?
There have been many but one that is coming to mind was a few months ago at my home course.  400 ish par 4.  Hook my second shot into the water, move up to about 80 yards and hole out for a 4. 
Graeme McDowell and Lee Westwood and probably some other Europeans
I wear white belts because they're cool!
What was the average score when you play/ed? When I started out freshman year I was shooting around 48, sophomore 45, junior 42, this year more like 39 lol Was your coach overly bossy? Our coach is awesome! Doesn't "coach" much, but he's a great guy. What was practice like? All we did was play 9 holes pretty much every practice haha Did you enjoy it? YES
I was happy to see Carling stay, and with a nice putt too!
My first match freshman year sure had the nerves shaking, but since then they feel like just another round (with a bit higher stakes).
After looking at some of these pictures I'm concerned that it will be difficult to see a lot of the action. Any body who has been there this week, can you comment on this?
I use a standard baseball grip with a slight forward press with the ball played a little off my front (left) foot.
That's incredible, and to come during the club championship! Wow!
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