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I just read that Ben Curtis won this week playing Titleist AP-1's.   For those unfamiliar with that club it's what's considered a "game improvement" iron and is essentially designed to hit the ball straight.   It seems like more and more tour pro's are putting more and more GI irons into their bags.    Modern drivers are largely designed to hit the balls straight so are we seeing a trend?   Is "working" the ball overrated or is high and straight the new norm.   ...
  You know someone has already thought of that...I'd be shocked if they hadn't.  I'm betting that bastard Pete Dye will be the first.
    Frankly, I'd rather have a course architect just put a giant buried elephant in the middle of the green and force you to make a really difficult read & putt.  Putting a bunker in the middle of the green just doesn't seem like solid course design.   It made me think of a course I played in Myrtle Beach.  There were railroad ties buried in the middle of the fairway with only a few feet sticking out.   You could hit a shot in the middle of the fairway and be completely...
    Dude you really need to relax, maybe try some decaf?   You only need to miss a shot 30 feet to the left to be punished when you have a hazard in the middle of the green.  Tour pro's regularly miss greens to the left and right and 30 feet is a relatively mild miss.  If you're on the green you should have an opportunity to putt and still advance the ball near the hole.   Point is, if you normally miss 30 feet to the left, you're usually either on the green with a long...
    I think it's more than a penalty.   If the flag is mid right and you hit your ball mid left you're still on the green but you have a bunker between you and the hole.   Normally that wouldn't be that big a deal because I'd just pull out a wedge and hit either a lob or a two hopper.    Instead, now I'm on a green and I have to somehow putt my way around this nightmare.
I just had my clubs checked.  I've been playing the same KZG forged irons for 12 years.   They're made with a relatively soft 1030 carbon steel.   3 of the irons were off on the lie by 1 degree....that's it.   I was actually quite surprised and pleased.
So I finally got a chance to hit both the R11s and the RBZ 3w.   The driver really didn't impress me, my numbers were virtually the same and I found the sound to be amazingly irritating. The 3w however is an absolutely CANNON.   I was hitting the thing 250 yards.   That's a full 20 yards longer than my Ping 3w which I absolutely love.   Unless I start using it as a driver I don't have a lot of need for a 3w that long.
Airscrotum?  Airsac?  
There's nothing better than putting new irons into the bag.  Congratulations!
I've been driver browsing for the last week or so and I'm seriously considering using a 13 degree Adams XTD as a driver and taking the "driver" completely out of the bag.   For the last 5 years I've been playing a 9 degree Ping Rapture as my boomer.   It's a wonderful driver when I hit it straight and absolutely brutal when I don't.    On the screws I can put it out around 275 but in assessing my stats, I'm just not hitting enough fairways.    I hit the XTD again...
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