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http://www.golf.com/golf/gallery/art...151-11,00.html That's how you get better. Playing just isn't enough!
I think the key to the range is not what you practice but how you practice. I'd recommend to anyone starting out that they don't hit more than 10 to 15 balls with their driver. Even then, I wouldn't recommend hitting more than 3 in a row. If you mash 20-30 balls with your driver you can absolutely wreck your tempo and it make problems worse.What I recommend to people is to ALWAYS have a target. Don't just hit it downrange, hit it to a specific spot. I prefer to...
Vijay Singh has been known to hit over 1200 balls a day on the RANGE. Tiger was talking about getting his "ball count up" to around 1000 before he played in the Masters this year. I've personally watched a PGA pro hit sand wedges on the range for over two hours at a local tournament. PGA pro's hit thousands of balls a week on the range. Some even go to the range immediately after a round to work on things. It may not be the most enjoyable thing they do but it's an...
I used to carry all the time but I've recently switched over to a pull cart. It's not that I can't carry anymore it's that when I carry I have to be conscious of what I put into my bag. How many balls, rain gear, big versus small water bottle etc. With a pull cart I can stuff my bag so full that the pockets won't zip shut. I kinda like that!
I played my first round with the Taylor Made Penta this evening. All I can say is HOLY CRAP! This is without a doubt the best ball I've ever played. I'll be playing this ball until TM stops making them.
After watching Hank Haney's absolute debacle with Barkley I lost a lot of faith in him or his abilities. Woods is so absurdly talented that even an average coach would have gotten something out of him. When Tiger was with Butch Harmon he was CRUSHING the other golfers and winning tournaments by 6-8 strokes. Since switching to Haney he's been making miraculous putts to win and his margin of victory has dropped significantly. When he switched he made Harmon sound like...
New Posts  All Forums: