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Quote:   The pro I go to has a couple of friends that are on the Taylormade tour staff.    I can assure you the RBZ's that Villegas is using are very far removed from the "off the rack" variants.  
I really didn't mean it in any way.   The 712's CB's look to me to be a decendant of the cavity back design that the DCI had.   It appears that the cavity may not be as deep but if you like the DCI's you'd probably like the 712's.  
I actually looked at the 712 CB's for the first time today.   I was shocked at how much they reminded me of the DCI's I played 20+ years ago.  
Let's be clear, I'm not suggesting that they hit into people.   I'd just prefer they not wait for them to get to two clubs away before they hit.  
I find the entire discussion of clones vs OEM's to be laughable.   Golf is a game whose results are almost completely dictated by physics.   Golf balls don't differentiate between club manufacturers.  Flight laws don't give a crap about OEMs.  Your Pro V1x or your Pinnacle doesn't go straighter because it's hit with a Ping and not a Pinemeadows iron.   Your wedges don't land three feet from the pin because you hit the ball with a Vokey wedge and not a Gigagolf wedge.  ...
I've been a public course player my entire life so not much bothers me but there is one thing.   The thing that does bother me though is "the group in front of me that refuses to hit".   You know the group, they won't tee off until the group in front of them if 400 yards away an they NEVER hit a second shot on a par 5 until the green is clear.  Worth noting, there isn't a person in this group that's capable of hitting a 250 yard shot on their best day but they insist...
If driver and ball manufacturers weren't lying their asses off we'd all be hitting 600 yard drives.   For the last 30 years every driver that has come out has been "10 yards longer" followed by a slew of the "longest balls".     There is some truth to the slot technology though because it adds a ton of spring.   Sadly, that won't be coming to drivers anytime soon.   I'm amazed we even have to swing the club at all anymore! :)
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