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If I remember correctly don't you need an index of 1.5 or better just to get into an open qualifier?     Everyone has a bad round now and then but that card looks like he played with a broken arm.    I don't see Kent shoot a 100 anywhere, just give him the damn money and end this dreadful season.  
A 102   I'm absolutely positive I could shoot less than 102 on a USGA qualifying course.   Maybe I can get on next season's show.  We played all of our high school matches from the tips, many on courses I'd never seen before and I never went higher than 90.      Come on golf channel, give me a shot! 
This show is supposed to be an opportunity for great golfers to get their "big break" and get a chance to compete on the PGA tour.   Looking at this group there's really only one guy that has any business in a tour event.  Kent is clearly the most complete golfer on the show and it isn't even close.   If he doesn't win I'll be shocked.   Everyone else in this season has been a colossal step below your average PGA player.   Carl's a nice story, but doesn't have...
I've never played from the "up" tees but I do frequently play from the tips.  Sometimes when others join me they don't want to play the tips but they feel oddly compelled to.   Ironically a lot of time they shoot a better score.  Not because the longer distance doesn't affect them, but because they can't reach the fairway bunkers from the tips.    The back tees at the course I frequently play have a lot of "chutes".    They help to frame the hole better and they tend to...
A lot of times when you play with friends you tend to relax and focus less on your game.   A combination of banter, trash talking and just having fun can pull you off your game.    You tend to focus less on the important parts of each shot and just go into a sort of autopilot "play golf" mode.   This might be one of those instances where really focusing on your pre-shot routine can help pull you back into the the scoring zone.
 I wouldn't expect Ian Poulter or Rory McIlroy to know what the Lincoln memorial is but I would expect them to recognize the statue of liberty.   That said, none of us know Bubba Watson.  None of us know what's going on with him or with his life.    There could be innumberable issues going on behind the scenes that we're totally unaware of.   His behavior did come off poorly but we don't know what the reasons might be.   These guys live their lives in front of the camera...
Almost everything Scotty Cameron has ever made has been a blatant rip off of a Ping putter.  They were great putters 25 years ago and they're still great putters today!
I worked with my pro this morning on taking myhands out of the swing.  I've always been a feel player and required a lot of things to work perfectly to hit the ball straight.  I was also picker so my compression stinks.   Now I'm swinging more with the arms and lower body and the improvement in my ballstriking is insane.  By taking timing out of the equation and I have a much better feel for a proper impact position.    It's going to take a while to ingrane the feel but...
Let's not forget, Creamer, Inkster and Kerr are serious competitors and have won multiple times on the LPGA tour.   I think each of them has a least one major on their resume.  Michelle Wie has 2 wins and gets 10 times the coverage.  It's apparent that the advertiser's and the tour want her to be the next star.   Perhaps when Wie finishes school she'll start to win more but for now she hasn't come close to the hype.  
One of the guys on another golf forum saw her at the US Open.   He said she was take your breath away beautiful.  
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